IRIDCCS Technologies Honored As Best of America Small Business Awards Winners 2023

IRIDCCS was announced as a BASA Awards Winner in the Best of America Small Business Awards BEST STARTUP Energy 2023 in their annual Best of America Small Business Awards competition 2023.

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The prestigious Best of America Small Business Awards exist to recognize, celebrate, and promote exceptional small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States. This year’s nominations came in from small businesses and entrepreneurs across different industries, all seeking recognition in the six tracks: Best Small Business, Best Startup, Best Entrepreneur, Best in Class, Best in Tech, and Best Campaign.

IRIDCCS Technologies proudly won the Best of America Small Business Awards 2023:  Best Startup in ENERGY technology.

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Ulrich Ndilira Rotam

CEO & Founder of IRIDCCS technologies, Researcher in Physics, Cosmology, Energy & Climate Change Solutions. Authors, Inventors, and Experts in Oilfield and Environment.

“As an independent researcher, I firmly believe that the combination of air, sand, and water is anon-combustible fuel that is friendly for the environment and the absolute solution to reducing carbon emissions in the fight against climate change. This fuel produces electricity and several other benefits for humanity. Thanks to SECE™ Energy TECH and GOD for allowing the human mind to read his infinite existence of Energy sources.” Quote by the CEO Ulrich Ndilira Rotam.

“In science, I trust. Innovation is the hidden flexibility of the natural concept, and I trust in any human capacity to invent and innovate anything.” Quote by Ulrich Ndilira Rotam.

The team of IRIDCCS Technologies is happy with their tremendous efforts made in many years in sciences to get works done recognize for serving customers.

“This outstanding achievement; for me, as a founder, immigrant, and someone who believes in the American dream and the value of doing a good thing and improving human life positively, this significant achievement will motivate me more to bring best innovations products with my team to the USA and helping humanity to tackle climate change. I faced many discrimination and illegal matters to destroy me and steal my dream with everything we were doing. Still, I believe in the profound concept of science and God to achieve my dream. IRIDCCS Technologies will offer more innovative solutions. Thank you to all who believe in and support what we are doing’’ says The CEO of IRIDCCS

IRIDCCS Technologies thanks SBDC at San Juan College University of Farmington, NM, Manufacturing Extension Partnership MEP, for supporting this complex journey to help the company succeed with technologies; thank you to all our new partners, customers and potential clients from the USA and globally. Thank you to our team of scientists, engineers, technicians, experts, researchers, and operators who are responsible for the success of this great company of Independent Research Innovation and Development on Climate Change Solutions. We announce our first new product will be on the market next year. We will celebrate this outstanding achievement and success at the end of this year, 2023.

The BASA Awards winners emerged after two rounds of judging and the public vote. The panel of Judges consisted of independent industry experts and passionate small business owners who dedicated their time and expertise to evaluating each entry carefully. The thoughtful judging process ensured a fair and thorough evaluation with no nepotism or favoritism.

“The 2023 Best of America Small Business Awards contest attracted high-caliber small businesses and well-deserved winners. Taking a small business off the ground takes a lot of effort, time, and sacrifice. All the 2023 winners deserve recognition, and we are very proud to celebrate them today,” says Anna Stella, President of BASA Awards. “We congratulate both the winning entrepreneurs and their teams for all their hard work and achievements,” continues Anna Stella. Details about The BASA Awards and the list of 2023 winners are available at here.

About IRIDCCS Technologies

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IRIDCCS LLC (Independent Research, Innovation and Development on Climate Change Solutions) is a company that provides sustainable solutions with inventions, innovations, and improvements to customers at different levels to achieve their activities without polluting the environment with greenhouse gases prior to tackling global warming locally and globally to save our planet. They are a company of technology, innovative service, and products on climate change solutions. They interconnect with their teams of scientists, engineers, technicians, operators, experts, and consultants to serve their state, the US, and other regions. They have developed a novel method of generating clean energy technology from symbiotic interactions between various natural elements called SECE™ (SOYOS ENVIRONMENT CLEAN ENGINE). 

This system and method use a combination of Air (A), Sand (S), and Water (W) (ASW) as a power source to generate an enormous amount of mechanical energy and convert it into electricity or other external clean energy work to advance climate change battle in all industries. They also offer solutions on control and availability of water and replenish trees’ plants at a small and large scale for Climate-smart ecosystem solutions. Their headquarters is located at 203 W Main St, Farmington, NM 87401-4210, Farmington, NM, 87401 and are planning to relocate.Learn moreabout the IRIDCCS TECHNOLOGIES at

About the BASA Awards

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The Best of America Small Business Awards exist to recognize, celebrate, and promote exceptional small businesses in the United States. The BASA Awards showcase the best of America’s small businesses for their outstanding work and contribution to their community. With over 150+ categories to choose from, the Best of America Small Business Awards is one of the largest awards strictly for small businesses in the United States. Excellent job to the Founder Ulrich Ndilira Rotam and all his team for the great work accomplished.

Learn more about the BASA Awards at

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