iQibla Unveils an Effective and Portable Islamic Prayer Counter Ideal for Travelling

iQibla Unveils an Effective and Portable Islamic Prayer Counter Ideal for Travelling
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iQibla introduces an Islamic prayer counter, Zikr1 Lite, a lite version and less expensive of the previous Zikr1 smart ring. An Islamic prayer counter or tasbih counter, is a small device used for counting out the number of times one has said the obligatory prayers. The purpose of this is to ensure that all five prayers are performed as required by Islam. Many types of prayer counters are available, ranging from simple mechanical devices to more complex electronic devices. Most prayer counters are based on the sundial or smart counter.

The Zikr1 Smart Ring is a wearable electronic device that can be worn on the finger, is used as an electronic prayer counter, and has a smart alarm clock feature. It is used primarily to aid in keeping track of the number of times one has said their daily prayers. As a wearable device, it allows people to perform their prayers anywhere they go and provides a facility for reviewing missed prayer times or counts on request. It also contains information about Islamic scholars and a compass to assist with direction during prayers that can be accessed via a smartphone app.

iQibla Zikr1 Lite stands out among other digital counters because it has a high-quality OLED display screen, showing the time, number of chants, and prayer times. That makes it the perfect tool for qibla direction seekers who want to ensure that they are standing perfectly straight in front of the Kaaba. iQibla Zikr1 Lite is also extremely durable, as it has been made with an impact-resistant aluminum alloy material. It also has a very long battery life and comes with excellent packaging, including USB charging.

“Its small size makes iQibla Zikr1 Lite easy to carry around with you wherever you go! You can fit it right in your pocket or slip it into any bag, and you won’t even know that you’re carrying the most accurate digital counter on the market. iQibla Zikr1 Lite offers the best feature among other digital counters because it is the first and only iQibla app with a non-cluttered interface that shows the current direction of Qibla with a tap. By combining simplicity, flexibility, and advanced features, iQibla Zikr1 Lite is the one-stop solution for all your prayer needs,” said a company representative.

iQibla is one of the best Tasbeeh counter brands in the world. Its products, the Zikr smart ring and Qibla watch, have been used by thousands of Muslims worldwide. One of the popular products, iQibla Zikr1 Lite, is one of the best digital counters, specially designed to allow Muslims to make their prayers at home. For more information, please visit

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