Ipanema Guitars: A guitar customizer company with handmade designs seeks to conquer the market

“The Brazilian / American project is planning on providing the audiences with a personalized guitar service in record time.”

Behind its business concept, a diverse team confesses to possessing a trajectory of adventures full of passion for music, carpentry, design, and innovation. These hobbies, usually acquired from an early age, were combined to launch “the first truly wireless acoustic guitars” with personalized handmade designs – an offer the one that seems to permeate perfectly in a public that seeks to express itself.

However, as defined by the brand representative, it is not a typical proposal. Ipanema Guitars is a company dedicated to the production of acoustic and classical guitars equipped with an integrated microphone whose signal can be transmitted to a receiver several meters away so that in any place the musician can pull off a live performance for their fans and show off how unique their music is.

“Having had constant contact with Music (on the one hand) and with the tools on the other, we decided to merge both affinities and create this amazing business,” the spokesperson explained. “The company had to be different. For this reason before creating Ipanema, we thought many days about the aesthetics we wanted to give guitars until we came up with the idea of ​​putting out the old school art for build guitar, specially paired-up with instruments designed for modern life.”

A matter of identity

Regarding the decision to organize a company divided between two cities as different from one another and distant as are Brisbane (USA) and Fortaleza (Brazil), the team commented during a press conference that the plan had always been that because several members share roots between the Caribbean country and the Anglo-Saxon one. For them, this mix gives them a competitive advantage, since although the US is known for being the cradle of rock, the guitar has a significant history in Brazilian territory.

In this way, the executives -and creatives- of Ipanema Guitars managed to hint to the public the inspiration for the name of the brand, because it allows them to remember the iconic song “Garota de Ipanema,” with music composed by Antonio Carlos and lyrics by Jobim Vinicius de Moraes. The team only had to add to that formula a guitar builder concept.

History of perseverance

Like all startups, the beginning was not easy for the guitar handmade-design company, nor for those responsible, as they had to correct even the smallest details to allow the production of the Ipanema Guitars series to end up being what they qualify as “their works of art.”

To access the customize design guitar and build your guitar services, you must upload the image with which you want to design your guitar the acoustic or classical model at the time of check out. Later on, you will receive an email asking for prototype approvel. Finally, once you approve the preview, it is only a matter of a few days so that you can receive your professionally decorated model with the distinctive touch that means a handmade design.

Additionally, within the Ipanema Guitars catalog, there are special versions, such as the “Lord Of Rings” model, which portrays a picturesque landscape that mixes fantasy with medieval architecture, honoring the famous books and feature films.

Innovative entrepreneurship

After launching the Ipanema Guitars, the team claims to have received many emails from musicians, from all over the world, some collectors and others simply enthusiasts who fell in love with the guitars, the technology they possess and the originality reflected throughout the structure of the guitars. “At that moment we realized that we needed to take this idea to another level and be able to produce even more,” said part of the young team.

Now Ipanema has the projection of marketing its models with international shipments, while the next step will be the customization of the structure with thematic forms chosen by the clients.

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