Investment firm announces tokens for rare argyle colored diamonds

Uses smart contract and blockchain technology to make it possible for everyone to benefit from a valuable commodity

Canada – Cryptstone Capital Management would like to announce their foray into blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company partners with firms that deal in rare colored Argyle diamonds, which is regarded as one the most stable commodities anyone can invest in. Investing in colored diamonds used to be an exclusive affair of the wealthy, but now Cryptstone is using blockchain technology to make it possible for anyone to benefit. The company is offering ERC20 tokens that will represent ownership in a portfolio of rare natural colored diamond that can yield high returns due to their rarity and scarcity. The token is based on Ethereum, accessible globally, diversified, versatile, and highly secured.

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“Colored diamonds are one of the most stable and valuable commodities in the world, based on records. The supply of red, blue, and pink colored diamonds is declining and may soon seize when the argyle mine in Australia is scheduled to close in 2021. When this event occurs we expect to see a spike in the prices of natural colored diamonds on the market. This means that there is a lot of profit for those who place themselves in the right position. We are giving people with little investment capital to take part in this investment and make a substantial capital gain, powered by the smart contract technology in the blockchain,” said John Hill, a representative of Cryptstone Capital Management, Inc.

For the past three decades, colored diamonds have been rising in price and retaining their value, without ever declining at the dealer level. There has been high demand for colored diamonds, especially for the colors red, pink, and blue, and the market is never going to stop demanding these exceptionally rare precious gemstones. The desire of Cryptstone Capital Management is to make it possible for not just the super-rich but also everyone else to be able to invest in the colored diamond market. Utilizing blockchain technology, the company plans to create tokens that can be bought with Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Once the tokens are bought, they will represent ownership in the colored diamond portfolio. Appreciating portfolios will be sold at auctions for profit, which will be paid out to token holders using the smart contract system. Cryptstone diamond tokens are a revolutionary investment by introducing real world tangible commodities to the new world of digital assets. For investors who wish to purchase a colored diamond through Cryptstone’s brokers services please get in contact with us. Some benefits of colored diamond ownership include price stability (wealth preservation), the investment is portable, and is regarded as one of the most concentrated forms of wealth. Also, there is a limited supply of the commodity, it is universally acceptable, inflation recession-proof, and it is perfect for estate planning.

About Cryptstone Capital Management, Inc.

Cryptstone Capital Management, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing clients with the opportunity to invest in the colored diamond market. The company partners with miners and dealers of colored diamonds with over 50 years of experience, and combines it with blockchain technology to make it possible for people with little investment to benefit.

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