Introducing “You Probably Need This”, a daily e-mail newsletter which helps people discover new products

Tech expert, Hye Kyong Im, has launched a startup company called “You Probably Need This,” a daily e-mail newsletter that helps people discover new products that they never knew they needed but can’t live without.

The internet can be a source of joy, especially when it comes to finding random trinkets and tools you would have otherwise had no idea existed. It’s like the 2019 equivalent of flipping through a skymall catalog: pure, unadulterated joy. Unique Products and innovations are being manufactured daily by brilliant minds. Products and services that will undoubtedly make life easier for the general public.

This is why ‘You Probably Need This’ was created. It’s a way of marketing and creating awareness for these products, and at the same time, solving a problem, filling a void, or creating a much-needed life hack for the user. The daily newsletter works straightforwardly. Every day a reader opens the daily e-mail, they are presented with an incredible, unique, sometimes crazy product they never knew existed but can’t live without. If they click to view the product, they are automatically entered into a raffle to win that product, and the winner is announced in the next day’s e-mail.

Hye Kyong Im, when recalling what led her to create this enterprise, revealed that she loves shopping and discovering fun and unique products. “All of my friends always come to me to find the latest and greatest things whether they’re gadgets for the house, technology for my car or other fun products most people never knew existed. I decided to start this e-mail list because I wanted to share my love of discovering new products with the rest of world, not just my small circle of friends”, she said.

Hye Kyong Im has enormous plans to grow her platform. “I’ll love to grow my number of followers and possibly, start more social media channels like youtube reviews. I also want to be able to give away more products and better prizes to my subscribers, which I’ll be able to do as we get more subscribers”, she declared.

You Probably Need This‘ is undoubtedly a platform that will increase one’s knowledge of products, for knowledge, as they say, is Power. It’s a startup that promises to be lots of fun and an eyeopener for anyone participating.

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