Introducing Roy Cohen aka. Cohenovich: Bringing Modern And Contemporary Music to Reality

Cohenovich, a musical project by Roy Cohen is a maverick in creating modern and contemporary sounds

Roy Cohen aka. Cohenovich is a highly skilled Israeli musician-artist that that is set to take the music world by storm with his unique talent by releasing music that contains an element from the ’70s and ’90s, accompanied by modern and contemporary sounds. Cohenovich’s unique voice is flexible and deep with an unusual and fresh tone. He captures his fans’ attention with his sweet intonation and lucidity.

Cohenovich swings a hot jazz number of accompanying an ancient ballad plays a sweet melody on guitar and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a world full of troubles. Cohenovich handles the guitar like it was an extension of his well-made body, and the splendid noise that emanates from it sounds like squeals and wails emerging directly from his soul-all skilfully blended into a seamless flow.

It’s not just the expressive and deep voice that has made Cohenovich such an excellent musician. His songs, which reeks modern and contemporary sounds shows that he knows his way around the English language the same way he knows his way around a fingerboard. The most impressive thing about him is that he puts his soul into every note he plays and sings.

“How wonderful it is to have an artist from Israel who adds a tinge of the psychedelic to his song in a unique way and leaves people wanting more. It’s challenging to imagine another artist who combines the same concise, deceptively understated, lyrical insight and sometimes overwhelming wittiness with such an instrumental prowess that is nothing short of a world-class,” A fan commented.

In Cohenovich’s music, you can find songs with Beat and Groove, and on the other side, you can feel the dreaminess with a melancholy expression that is led by his deep voice. You can find many diverse influences in songs while he’s always looking for the sound he connects to. He has released 3 songs so far that has thrilled the fans. Soon Cohenovich will release new singles and video clips.

Watch the video clip of one of the song here:

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