Introducing Peter A. Hernandez, gifted software developer, Amazon FBA guru, and Shopify Automation expert

Peter A. Hernandez is a gifted, multitalented Mexican-American who is dexterous in software development and Shopify Automation.

Born in Mexico, Peter has been living in the US since 1987 and credits his father’s influence as the significant factor behind his career in software development. ”My dad had an electronic repair store in the 90s here in Los Angeles. He started to implement computers in his store back in 1992. He didn’t know how to speak English or understand the language, so he would ask me to translate”, narrated Peter. ”He knew computers were the next big thing. He started to learn how to repair and upgrade them, and slowly he learned networking, then programming”, he said.

While his father learned, Peter translated and also learned at the same time. By 5th grade, Peter already knew DOS, bash scripting and upgrading systems, and the windows operating system. In his 7th grade, he started learning Visual Basics to make PROGS/Punters for the ISP AOL at the time.

”I thought I was the best. When I started the 8th grade, I started learning Linux (Red Hat) thanks to my Math Teacher and my dad for buying it for me. After that, I just started learning other programming languages, such as “C#, C++, Python, Java, HTML, PHP” and others,” he said.

Peter notes that the only challenges he faced during his early days in programming were the lack of funds to attend a good school, and the security challenges in programming, followed by the inherent difficulty in reading and comprehending codes written by others.

Over the years, Peter has developed all the desirable qualities of an in-demand software developer. He’s an excellent problem-solver, strong communicator, detailed-oriented, and a great collaborator. His attention to detail is unmatched in the craft, a necessary quality to ensure every line of code is correct and in its proper place.

Peter notes that his most significant achievement as a software developer is creating a web application with tracking number data and analytics for packages shipped in the USA or Internationally. The web application has been an invaluable asset to entrepreneurs in dropshipping. ”You can say I’m a pioneer in the dropshipping industry,” Peter remarked.

It’s pertinent to note that Peter currently has a thriving dropshipping enterprise. His enterprise,, empowers its clients with its proven expertise. ”We build a high-converting online business. We want to save you the trouble of building a strong foundation and get you jump-started in the world of e-commerce”, Peter said of his agency.

Peter is not done yet. He has set his eyes to future projects, including an Amazon Repricer application, which, he believes, will completely change the GAME for amazon dropshippers.

There’s more to Peter than coding and dropshipping. He’s an avid reader who spends his free time reading howtos and articles, and expanding his knowledge. Peter also loves investing, trying new things, learning new things, and going to the park and beach with his family. ”I also love watching food youtube videos. Family is everything to me; hence, I love my Daughter Audrey Hernandez, she is my business partner, and I love hanging out with her. I also Love my Daughter Britney Hernandez, Destiny Hernandez, and my Boy Peter Hernandez,” he declared.

Peter values family above all else. ”I am a family Person, I love my mom, Maria Hernandez, my wife, Alexandra Hernandez, my sisters, Azucena Hernandez and LizSandra Hernandz, and my brother Luis Hernandez. I can’t leave out my Dad, Pedro Hernandez. They are my strength. They inspire me never to give up. I also love my nephews, Joel Hernandez, Des Hernandez, Jack, and Melody Mayorga.

Peter has been in the software development niche for decades and said the most valuable lesson he’s learned is: “Don’t share your source code with anyone!” It’s a lesson upcoming developers will do well to adhere to.

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