Introducing MyPropChoice, a vision cultivated to help forex traders achieve funding with a one phase evaluation

MyPropChoice (MPC) is a vision cultivated to help forex traders achieve their desired funding with their one phase evaluation. Successful traders are saved up to 60% with the funded accounts of their choice bought for them.

Simplified for the layman, prop trading in forex is the practice of trading with a proprietary FX trading firm using the funds provided by the prop firm itself as against trading Forex with one’s own funds through a broker.

A Forex prop firm is a company that evaluates a trader’s skills (usually via a trading challenge) and assigns its own trading capital for the trader to operate with. The aim of the challenge (evaluation) period is for the firm to get to know whether the trader is qualified and whether they are capable of trading under company’s money management rules.

MPC notes that they are not partners with any of the prop firms but merely affiliated with some of them. ”We are approved affiliate marketers with some of them. This affiliate helps sustain the longevity of our program, ensures we can continue to offer great subsidized prices through our one phase evaluations, and allows us to continue offering unbiased reviews and opinions of new firms in the prop-sphere”, declared the founder of MPC.

MPC is one of the finest Forex prop firm affiliates around now. The company relieves the financial stress of achieving the accounts traders really want with its original gateway challenge and its innovative prop builder program.

The company’s GateWay Challenge is an original and innovative revolutionary program that helps people from all over the world who are serious about getting funded, get funded for less!  ”Just simply pass our simple universal one phase preliminary evaluation and we fund your way to some of the most reputable forex prop firms on the market”, said an executive of the firm.

With its Prop Builder Program, MPC is offering traders the opportunity to trade some rounds with them with as little as $60 and build the funds needed for their dream prop. ”There’s no excuse, your skills can build your forex prop firm account for less than ever!” said the CEO of MPC.

MPC operates on the business principles and core beliefs of reliability, professionalism, industry knowledge, and flexibility. In its commitment to excel as a one stop destination in the  prop-sphere, MPC have undergone some positive changes within the company over the past few months. Today, they can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of speed and quality services.

These quality services has seen the company’s services elicit rave reviews from its clients. ”I just completed purchasing Prop Builder 120. The advantage of the Prop builder is that by paying 120$ I can earn 1250 from 4 rounds of their challenges, even if I didnt achieve 10% within 30 trading days and my account is Green (above 1$ profit), I can retry for free unlimited. The final advantage is that after finishing 4 rounds they will restart Prop builder program again for us unlimitedly without taking any penny from us. I will share my trading journey with MPC in their Telegram group, feel free to join their TG group to know more about MPC, they will answer your all questions for sure”, said a satisfied client.

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