Introducing Memrey, the future of digital notebook

The notebook has been an important part of human history as a tool to record our most important thoughts and ideas. With the advent of digital computers, the internet, and cloud storage, digital notebooks have become the most accessible and reliable way to store your information.

Memrey is the future of the digital notebook. Memrey features an innovative user interface that is wonderful to use. It includes new innovations that solve common problems customers have been looking for in an advanced notebook app. It is a slick piece of software that enables the user to consolidate, organize, and build upon life’s most important information.

Memrey is designed to overcome the shortcomings offered by the traditional digital notebook and other content storage solutions. A few points which differentiate Memrey from the traditional digital notebook are as follows:

  • The traditional interface restrict’s the user to view only a single note at a time. This requires a lot of effort when going back and forth between multiple notes. Additionally, they require endless scrolling to browse through all your notes. Memrey organizes your notes into pages making it easy to go directly to any part of your notebook.
  • Existing solutions fail to sync in real-time. You often have few minutes of lag time before content is synced. This not only makes it difficult to switch between multiple devices but also puts your data at risk of getting overwritten. Memrey’s core technology is built for real-time syncing. It will update your data across all your devices instantly and reliably.
  • Multi-author, concurrent editing collaboration technology is severely limited in traditional notebooks. Memrey uses operational transformation based collaboration technology which allows multiple users to edit a shared document together in real-time.
  • Your research consists of notes and bookmarks. Stop storing them in separate places. Traditional notebooks completely ignore bookmarking altogether. Memrey combines notes and bookmarks together into each notepad, making it easy to store all your research in one place.
  • Traditional notebooks offer far less advanced backup features. Memrey keeps a record of every edit made to a note. The user can view each note’s history and see the exact contents of the note at any point in time. Since every operation is saved, it is impossible to loose any data, even if you accidentally delete the contents.
  • Traditional notebooks either lack encryption or don’t let you access encrypted files over the network. Memrey uses the strongest encryption standard available AES 256bit. Your data is encrypted locally and stored in the cloud, allowing you to access it from anywhere. Only the encrypted data is sent to the cloud and it can only be decrypted with your private key.

Memrey’s innovative user interface is beautiful and more efficient than the common notebook user interfaces. With Memrey you can view multiple notes on a single page, and browse them in context through a time series of pages. “I had previously used Google Docs, but Memrey offers the same real-time concurrent editing technology with an easier to use interface. I use this application to collaborate with my colleagues and it is a wonderful experience being able to work together in real-time. Not only can we edit a document together, we can also draw together right onto the surface of any note. This allows us to better communicate difficult ideas visually,” says a Memrey user in their review.

Memrey has the collaborative power of Google Docs, real-time capabilities of Slack, bookmarking and note taking capabilities of Pocket and Evernote. Memrey set out to build the best notebook product and provides serious competition to the traditional apps from big tech companies like Evernote, Google and Apple. Memrey can be used by students, hobbyists, researchers and anyone with a need to safely organize and store important information.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play store. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Memrey Inc.
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Country: United States