Introducing Information and Services of Benco Vietnam

BENCO was born on March 19, 2011. Our company has gradually become a leading brand in the field of: Importing, distributing and installing technology products such as: Fingerprint Door Lock, Time Attendance Machine, Security Magnetic Gate, Metal Detector, Kim Lightning collecting, surveillance cameras and the smart electronic devices in the home, smarthome …


Our slogan is “Creativity for perfect life”. Our company always affirms the brand to consumers, partners, suppliers at home and abroad.

BENCO Headquarters: Our company always understands that the company’s development is associated with the well-being of its customers. We always welcome the cooperation of domestic and foreign suppliers.

Business areas

  • Import and distribution of camera equipment
  • Import distribution port from security Anviz Malaysia
  • Import and distribution of IBC German door locks.
  • Import and distribute Tripod swing gate, timekeeper, barrier Anviz
  • Install timekeeper
  • Install cameras, network equipment
  • Import and distribution of smart home electric appliances: Lights, Smart Electric Tea Table ….

Mission vision


Make BENCO become the preferred supplier for technology item solutions, as the leading retail distribution center of smart technology devices 4.0.


Be the focal point of the world’s leading brands to provide customers, partners with high quality products, good price and total solution.

Business philosophy

  • Quality of products, solutions, services and prices are at the core of our business.
  • Reputation: Maintain honesty and highest reputation in all jobs
  • Passion: Believe in the company’s development orientation, always strive to become the best.
  • Fair: Ensuring fairness for all employees, manufacturer partner customers. Based on the principle of trust and respect.

BENCO – Organization Chart

With the concept “People are the key to success”, from the very first days of establishment, the Board of Directors of the Company has always focused on investing and developing the core staff of highly qualified professionals having professional ethics and dedication to work through creating a dynamic, youthful, professional working environment, healthy competition but also very open, united, loving and helping each other.

In order to ensure the maintenance of working motivation and fairness in the Company, to promptly respond, to changes and develop BENCO, to continuously improving and applying modern and advanced personnel policies and systems, to ensure the security feeling of employees, to work and attract more and more talents joining and sticking with the Company. At BENCO, employees will be listened to, shared and trusted to entrust work responsibilities to stimulate each person’s potential potentials as well as the opportunity to further improve their professional qualifications yourself.




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