Introducing FRENESIES… The Innovative Solution to Permanent Hair Removal

January 9, 2018 – NEW for 2018, Frénésies introduce the ultimate, pain-free cream that prevents hair from growing with permanent results.

Working with some of Europe’s top scientists and physicians, FRÉNÉSIES have created an innovative unwanted hair growth prevention solution in the form of an affordable cream that you can apply as part of a five-day treatment. The new creams are safer, healthier and more effective than laser hair removal, and you can expect to see a 75 per cent reduction in unwanted hair after just one treatment.

The creams are based on herbal extracts that prevent the growth of unwanted hair by blocking the activity of proteins and amino acids responsible for hair growth. A combination of clinically proven, natural ingredients work together to block the hair growth action in the follicle, making the hair thinner, paler and ultimately entirely eliminated.

Furthermore, significant research and development has been put into every ingredient and its’ dosage, as specific essential oils are needed to achieve the best results on each of the different areas of application.

Frénésies is sold in three forms: Facial and Body creams for women, and a Men’s line.  The Facial cream was created with the purpose of enriching a women’s delicate facial skin. To accomplish this pure extracts of chamomile and lavender have been added to the creme to give it a smooth and silky feel. The Body cream was created with a formula containing Salix alba, which is also known as white willow. White willow gives a moisturising effect and it is also soothing and nutritious. The Men’s line, which has menthol, rosemary, and chamomile extracts in its formula, that help calm the skin, eliminate the redness resulting of the epilation treatment, and provide a feeling of freshness.

Frénésies significantly reduces and weakens facial and body hair and provides a  moisturising effect. Frénésies also acts as a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent on the skin for the purpose of treating post-epilation discomfort. The components not only reduce unwanted hair growth, but also have moisturising effect, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, to help the skin after epilation procedure.

Frenesies Facial and Frenesies Body, £195 and £220. Frenesies Men £220.

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