Introducing Dynamic Performance Scale (DPS) & Revolutionary Padel Range by RAGE Custom in Collaboration with TESTEA Lab

RAGE Custom unveils DPS-powered padel range, revolutionizing customization with TESTEA Lab partnership.

RAGE Custom, the pioneer in personalized sports equipment, proudly unveils the Dynamic Performance Scale (DPS) alongside an innovative line of padel rackets developed in partnership with TESTEA Lab.

The Dynamic Performance Scale (DPS) introduces a groundbreaking real-time feedback mechanism to precisely measure the Power & Control of RAGE Custom Padel Rackets. Designed to empower players with accurate insights into their equipment’s performance, DPS revolutionizes the customization process, ensuring each racket is tailored to individual playing styles.

Collaborating with TESTEA Lab, the world’s premier padel racket testing facility, RAGE Custom embarked on a journey to develop a dynamic system that predicts racket performance in real-time. Unlike static reports, DPS provides quantifiable data during the ordering stage, allowing players to make informed decisions tailored to their unique preferences.

TESTEA Lab’s expertise and rigorous testing process played a pivotal role in the development of the DPS-powered RxT padel racket range. Through meticulous fine-tuning and integration of specialized testing equipment, RAGE Custom ensures consistent, repeatable outcomes in every racket.

The DPS system categorizes performance attributes—Power, Control, and Hardness—providing players with unparalleled insights into their equipment’s capabilities. By enabling informed decision-making, DPS replaces vague claims with precise metrics, optimizing performance for players of all levels.

In an industry often clouded by marketing jargon, DPS brings transparency with products developed with scientific precision and validation from TESTEA Lab, DPS sets a new standard for customization in the padel racket industry.

The benefits of DPS extend beyond performance optimization. With its commitment to sustainable production, RAGE Custom aligns with eco-friendly practices, reducing waste and resonating with an environmentally conscious consumer base.

RAGE Custom stands as the ultimate solution for discerning padel players seeking to elevate their game. With DPS, players become ‘Racket Scientists,’ exploring the pinnacle of customization and performance.

Experience the future of padel play with RAGE Custom’s DPS-powered RxT padel range. Explore the full lineup today and unlock your full potential on the court.

About RAGE Custom:

RAGE Custom is a leading provider of personalized sports equipment, specializing in padel rackets tailored to individual playing styles. With a commitment to innovation and performance, RAGE Custom enables players to unleash their full potential on the court.

About TESTEA Lab:

TESTEA Lab is the world’s premier padel racket testing facility, renowned for its expertise in performance analysis and quality assurance. With a focus on scientific precision and validation, TESTEA Lab collaborates with leading brands to develop cutting-edge sports equipment.

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