Introducing Dismantle Furniture, The One Stop Moving Solution

To pack up one’s life and move to another location is no easy task. Here to help make this task easier in terms of expense, convenience, and efficiency is Dismantle Furniture.

March 03, 2017 – The thought of moving one’s home is a scary proposition to many people; however, it is a much more common task than most people thing. Because of job changes, military movement, or simply a change of scenery, hundreds of thousands of United States citizens move every year. In fact, the US Census Bureau reported that around one in every nine people move within any given year.(1) As a result, a surprisingly high number of people pack up their lives into trucks and boxes periodically. Sadly, there stands one fundamental problem: not all of one’s possessions can fit into boxes. Here to help with this matter is a well-established company centered in Maryland by the name of Dismantle Furniture, specializing in disassembly for the purpose of buying, selling, or moving household objects.

The experienced team at Dismantle Furniture will come to any home or office to dissemble a plethora of large objects, gently packaging fragile pieces. The belongings are then delivered to their next location in a Dismantle Furniture moving van, and assembled on site. As a result, clients save time and money by consolidating their belongings through disassembly. What’s more is that the expertise of the Dismantle Furniture team ensures that all disassembly will be conducted properly, so that reassembly will result in belongings that are as good as new.

Aside from the merit of the process itself stands the wide-reaching expertise that the Dismantle Furniture team has backing it. Over the years, the company and its employees have become adept at disassembling and moving everything from china sets to wardrobes to sofas. As a result, every client is able to rest assured that the Dismantle Furniture team has the know how to handle any situation. Best of all, the entire process is designed to be affordable. In fact, potential clients are encouraged to visit the Dismantle Furniture website and request a free quote. Thanks to the combination of an efficient system, years of experience, and affordable pricing, Dismantle Furniture has proved to be one of the best companies around for buying, moving, and selling belongings.

About Dismantle Furniture

Dismantle Furniture was founded with the client in mind. Every job is unique, so Dismantle Furniture approaches every job differently, providing personalized service for maximum effectiveness. The store was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, but it has now grown to service Washington D.C. and Virginia as well as Maryland.

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