Introducing Credit Sweeps, a credit repair company that eliminates bad credit and provides funding for business growth

Credit Sweeps is a credit repair company based in Texas that is proficient in erasing bad credit accumulated from terrible financial decisions whilst providing its clients with first-class funding opportunities for business or personal growth.

Headed by Jose M. Garcia, Credit Sweeps provides a unique credit repairs solution to the marketplace, with the ability to remove any and all negative derogatory activity across all 3 bureaus. The company has an efficient and effective process that provides proven results 6 -12x faster than other traditional credit repair companies. Jose M. Garcia understands how difficult it is to start a business on the shaky foundations of a bad credit score, hence he wants to provide a definitive solution through credit repair.

Speaking about their services, Jose M. Garcia said: “At Credit Sweeps, we understand that you want results and you want them as fast as possible. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction commitment with all of our customers. We will help you erase negative activity from your credit until you are fully satisfied with the result.”

Credit Sweeps offers two main Done-For-You services: “Credit Wipe”, designed with the purpose to remove any and all negative activity from the clients’ credit report in an average of 90 days, and “Inquiry Wipe”, a service that removes all hard inquiries from clients’ credit report that are not connected to open accounts. The company usually sees results in the first 30 to 45 days. However, results have been achieved as quickly as 10 days on TransUnion, Equifax, and 24 hours on Experian. Every credit file is different and time frames vary greatly on the amount of negative activity present.

One of Credit Sweeps’ biggest successes as a business in 2020 was partnering with top credit guru Reuben De Leon. Jose M. Garcia and his team’s success for their business comes from using unique techniques and strategies that no one else is using, being committed to their clients, and the results speak for themselves.

Credit Sweeps‘ major services revolve around the Rio Grande Valley in the South of Texas, Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Memphis, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky. However, as the company expands, massive growth is expected on its online client base nationwide that entails the company will soon have a presence in major states in the country.

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