Introducing Christal Reed’s “Presenting Like a Thought Leader”, a four-part learning journey for technical professionals and engineers

World-renowned Training Consultant, Coach, and Presenter, Christal Reed, is introducing the “Presenting Like a Thought Leader”, a four-part, fast-paced learning journey designed to help engineers and technical professionals shift their presentation skills from technical expert to thought leader.

The courses, which begins on the first Wednesday of each month, will cover presentation skills where advanced English-speaking engineers and technical professionals learn how to present in the clear, concise, confident style of thought leaders, to grow their sphere of influence, their visibility, their contributions to their organizations, and ultimately their careers.

Speaking about the courses, Christal Reed said, In this mini-course, participants will apply each week’s strategies to a previous or current work presentation. Then, during the training session, we will practice and receive feedback. By end of the course, you will be ready to deliver a finished and polished presentation. Finally, you will be Presenting Like a Thought Leader in every presentation!”

Tailored for engineers and technical professionals who would like to transform their communications style from “technical professional” to “technical thought leader” Christal Reed incorporates various teaching methods and topics in the course such as:

  • Clarify Like the Thought Leader that You Are! (Instructional Videos)
  • What does it take to become a thought leader? (Linked In Article)
  • Clarity is Gold (e-book)
  • How to achieve the Communication Style of Thought Leaders (video)

Christal Reed received her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Calgary, an Adult Education Diploma from Saint Xavier University, and a Teacher of English as a Second Language Certificate from Mount Royal College. She is the author of “Clarity is Gold” and “Say It Clearly”. With more than twenty years of diverse business and language training experience, she has custom-designed training programs for business people with a wide range of backgrounds.

Christal Reed, President of Global Connections, delivers the gold standard for advanced English speakers living in Canada, the United States, and Mexico who are striving to polish their advanced English skills to create meaningful cross-cultural business relationships — providing targeted training mastery that produces measurable results to shift careers.

In addition to working with hundreds of professional engineers and technical professionals, previous organizational clients have included non-profit, corporate organizations, and government departments, such as the National Research Institute, PetroChina Canada, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, Cenovus, Mount Royal College, Olds College, The Columbian Consulate, and the Bredin Centre. Christal is available for the complementary Needs Assessment of the client’s learning goals and needs. Let her experience and enthusiasm assist you in improving your Meaningful Connections!

Perhaps, a testament to Christal’s craft is the rave reviews and testimonials from her clients. According to Baocheng Sheng, Director of Engineering and Construction,

PetroChina Canada: “I enjoy Christal’s training style. Her feedback is always supportive and helpful. She cares about helping me with my specific communication issues. Now, I am much more aware of how to optimize my communication style to engage others and develop strong relationships.”

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