Introducing BR11, the first Latin American STO

BR11 is one of a kind initiative. It allows access to early-stage venture capital in Brazil for international investors of any size.

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – August 31, 2018 – Liquia Digital Assets, a Tokenized Securities Issuance company, formed by experienced serial entrepreneurs, Bernardo Quintão, Pierre Schurmann and João Kepler, recently announced its first – fully regulated – Security Token Offering: BR11 STO.

BR11 is the first STO in Latin America and is set apart from other projects because it’s innovating the innovation. The BR11 security token is backed by equity on 11 fully operational, and high profile Brazilian technology startups. These startups were already invested by Latin American tech industry leaders ACE Startups and/or Bossa Nova Investments. According to an ICORating research paper, 98.24% of the ICOs are pre-operational projects (that don’t have a fully-ready product). BR11 is among the other 1.76% of the ICOs because 90% of the BR11 companies are in the growth phase, with significant revenue and market share. Some of them are already expanding internationally. All the money that goes to the startups is cash in the company, in other words, there’s no cash out for current investors or founders. BR11 Tokens will be tradeable in a Security Tokens Exchange since the day that it is distributed to token holders a few days after the end of Main Sale (October 31st). The Exchange will be announced in the upcoming days.

Investment in a diversified handpicked portfolio of 11 startups

Diversification is vital for a healthy investment portfolio. Everyone at one time or another has heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That might sound cliché, but it is the most mundane yet appropriate way to describe what BR11 will do. The BR11 contributor will put their investment in one token, and we will divide them into a high-performance portfolio of 11 technology startups, and manage it to achieve potentially significant profits for our token holders.

BR11 Token price will most probably not be based on the state of the cryptocurrency market but instead on the portfolio performance, therefore allowing crypto investors to diversify their risk exposures. Also, BR11 will offer a tokenized venture capital fund without a lockdown period. Unlike traditional VC funds that demand investors to be locked for years, BR11 token-holders will be able to trade their tokens in the secondary market from the first days after token issuance.

BR11 is an excellent opportunity for individuals that had an interest in participating in VC funds, but were unable to do so due to high minimum investment size in most of the VC funds.

For the cryptocurrency and ICO investor, BR11 is providing a much safer investment opportunity if compared to the traditional ICO. By issuing an asset-based security token, BR11 will introduce a certain level of “peace of mind” for the crypto investor since the value of the token will be mostly based on portfolio performance. The High-returns, and low-risk nature of the BR11 project is what the blockchain technology investment industry has been waiting for, and we are thrilled to deliver it.

The startups


The primary mission is to deliver a unique traveling experience for bus travelers in Brazil and abroad. We operate in a billion-dollar market where only 6% of sales are made through the internet, and online penetration grows above 50% per year.


The leading ERP + CRM SAAS provider for the Brazilian beauty industry and beyond. Provides online tools for service providers to manage their own businesses (ERP) and Customers (CRM) which helps extract more value to their bottom line.


Melhor Envio is the freights Gateway for e-commerce. With Melhor Envio, you can have lower freight prices with Correios (Brazilian National Post Service) and private carriers, through our contracts (so you don’t have to close an agreement with each one of them). We are already integrated with some of the most significant players for e-commerce in Brazil. Our revenue comes from a fee in each freight that we sell, and we have already sold over 350,000 freights until now.


An online platform for out-of-home media planning, buying, and delivery. Bringing the same buying experience of the online world for the out-of-home media.

VAI CAR – Car ownership for the 21st century. No long-term commitments, hidden costs or manual paperwork. Get a car from the comfort of your phone.

INTI – White Label SaaS platform that is inboarded to the client’s own website. It Offers ticket sales and signature modules with the total control of customer engagement in real time.

TRAKTO – Marketing platform that helps professionals and companies to create a compelling digital presence.

VEEK – Veek provides a transparent, fair, and 100% digital mobile operating service in an all-inclusive easy to use App. Veek is the Uber of cell phones in Brazil.

SMART HINT – We believe that improving the buying experience can increase the retailer’s revenue by up to 10%. We started the company 1.5 years ago, and we already have more than 4,000 participating stores with excellent acceptance and results. We maximize e-commerce sales through an AI-based shopping cart for exit recommendations.

TAYLOR – Taylor is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant – an easy-to-use trading platform that helps people earn small profits many times a day, every day.

MOOBI – An urban mobility startup that is uniting people by redefining the transportation service industry in an innovative and collaborative way (Franchise System) that brings customers and drivers fair rates.


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About BR11:

BR11 is a security token that provide investors to exposure to equity in 11 Brazilian high-growth startups in different sectors. The selected startups are from ACE Startups and Bossa Nova Investments, lead investment firms in LatAm with 500+ of startups invested, 10+ exits and impressive performance.

About Liquia Digital Assets:

Liquia Digital Assets is a Tokenized Securities Issuance company. Formed by experienced serial entrepreneurs, Bernardo Quintão, Pierre Schurmann and João Kepler. Liquia has ownership on a crypto Exchange focused on Security Tokens to be launched in October, 2018.

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