Introducing “Blue Heart” By Thomas E. Manifase

Introducing "Blue Heart" By Thomas E. Manifase

The issue of crime and criminal enterprises has always been a matter of concern for society. From human trafficking to drug smuggling and government corruption, the world is plagued with numerous criminal activities that threaten the safety and well-being of individuals and communities every day.  However, some dedicate their lives to combating these pervasive criminal enterprises and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

On similar grounds, we introduce readers to a new book titled “Blue Heart” by the recently emerging author Thomas E. Manifase. “Blue Heart” is the inaugural installment in the Earl Morgan Private Investigator series by Thomas E. Manifase. The book follows the journey of a private investigator as he relentlessly pursues the path of justice in this world where numerous crimes occur every day. Through this book, the author shares a powerful story that explores the depths of darkness, drawing from years of experience fighting human trafficking, drug smuggling, and corruption.

The author, Thomas Manifase, is a retired Supervisory Special Agent from the Department of Homeland Security. He has 33 years of experience in law enforcement, specializing in investigating cases of human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, money laundering, and internal corruption. He is licensed as a private investigator in both New Jersey and Massachusetts and currently serves as the President of Seabury Investigations LLC.

The book “Blue Heart” is not just a work of fiction but a true reflection of the author’s real-life experiences with the complex and pervasive world of criminal enterprises. The story is centered around Earl Morgan, a former Department of Homeland Security Special Agent who later became a Private Investigator. Earl is forced to resign from his job after a tragic incident for which he was held responsible. Despite this, he remains determined to serve the public and begins investigating an International Sex trafficking ring involving high-level Government corruption and the ruthless Mexican Cartel. His mission is to dismantle the organization and rescue the young victims. The story is full of mystery and a personal journey, where Earl must navigate the complexities of loyalty, betrayal, and the echoes of the past to bring justice to the victims.

The book is a must-read for those interested in crime fiction, personal journeys, and the pursuit of justice. The author aims to personally connect with readers through his masterpiece, exploring the sorrow of loss and the hurt of betrayal while keeping them on edge with a thrilling and inspiring story. This compelling read will enrich your understanding of the world and provide insight into what lies ahead in our ever-changing world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this masterpiece and add “Blue Heart” to your reading list!

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