Interview With Andrew Root, CEO of Leading AI And Fintech Firm Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA)

As people look towards the future of digitalization, the world steadies itself for an exciting and fresh financial landscape. Today we feature Mr. Andrew Root, a distinguished individual in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, who has been at the forefront of the development of arbitrage. He graduated from The University of British Columbia and holds a degree in Cognitive Systems (BSc). His crown jewel is the development of the Galaxy Trading Artificial Intelligence (GTAI) system, and the founding of Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA), a leading regulated AI fintech firm. Prior to joining GTA, he have worked in MNCs such as Microsoft, Amazon and have participated in the development of arbitrage strategies for private clients and institutions.

Q: We have heard extensively about the Galaxy Trading Analytics, GTA. Could you tell our readers about yourself and your inspirations in building GTA?

Root: As an early adopter of blockchain technologies, I could see many instances of pricing discrepancies in exchanges driven by differing exchange rates, demand, and locale. This means that with a good consistent system, one could buy an asset from a place and sell it in another place for a profit. However, to do it consistently, we  need to have the technologies that are tested and proven, the expertise as well as stability to transform it into a business. I then worked on the development of arbitrage strategies for private clients and institutions, and have successfully developed a reputation amongst private clients with consistent trading profits. On the heels of success, I founded GTA in 2022. Besides AI bots, GTA is working on developing our next generation of DeFi and GameFi ecosystem, with an all-in-one GTA mobile App that will revolutionize the crypto and financial payment services industry. We also aim on working towards the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) target in 2030.

Q: We noticed that GTAI system is getting a lot of good attention. Can you explain what is it and what plans do you have for it?

Root: GTAI is an AI trading system designed to help traders maximize trading profits while minimizing risks and losses. We have created a clear and transparent system that conducts transactions according to the parameters you set, and we have connected investment tools and financial protection algorithms to it.

Unlike traditional arbitrage bots that only deploy triangular arbitrage, GTAI deploys 4 trading and arbitrage strategies, making it more stable and profitable even in bear, bull, or violate market conditions. More trading strategies are currently being developed and will be added to GTAI once more stringent tests are being done.

Our focus for 2022 is to continue to develop and improve on these strategies, and set an even greater foundation for our upcoming innovations. This year, we will also start to work on finding more partners, more exchanges and also on branding and marketing for expansion.

Q: It is clear to us that users of the GTAI benefit from your tech, can you share what is so powerful about your technology?

Root: Our AI model uses a unique model-driven, entirely built in-house architecture to accelerate delivery and reduce the complexities of developing enterprise AI applications. It allows developers to build enterprise AI applications by using conceptual models of all the elements an application requires, instead of writing lengthy code.

Our AI model also performs data visualization to unveil hidden patterns in data and rapidly generate actionable insights. It can be applied to AI applications to enable application users to address AI-identified risks and opportunities by exploring data, identifying complex patterns, and performing advanced entity and relationship analysis.​​​ With our blazingly fast AI architecture system with supercharged capabilities, we offer ground-breaking trading and arbitrage performance in the Crypto and Fintech industry. GTAI works synergistically with our user-friendly GTA App, the App is suitable for beginners with zero trading knowledge as well as for advanced and expert traders.

Q: Why the name GTAI for your proprietary trading algorithms and bots?

Root: GTAI stands for Galaxy Trading Artificial Intelligence system, which embodies our vision to be the World’s First Hybrid AI Trading and Arbitrage Software Bot.

Q: That is indeed a profound name for your tech. Now, do you have anything to share for the new traders and readers out there?

Root: Everyone should take the effort to research and not go into any type of products or investment without adequate information. The internet today may not be the best place to get your information, so get yourself to a preview or a seminar, be it online or offline, and see the products for yourself. Only invest a manageable sum that you can afford to lose. Be open, be courageous and be well informed. The future is bright so let’s be a part of it!

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