He wakes up every day at 6 and, almost every day, after an hour or two he jumps on a train. As soon as he returns to his Naples, where is the headquarters of Medspa, a company that produces Miamo and Nutraiuvens, known throughout the world as powerful allies of the body for skin care. History of a dream that has become a business. And of a dreamer who sleeps little.

Friends of Milan, London, New York, mock him: “You’re the only Neapolitan standing at six in the morning.” Few people know, perhaps, that at 6 in the morning Giovanni d’Antonio is probably already at the tenth e-mail evaded and has already put on his sneakers, ready for an hour of physical activity. Wherever you are, wherever you wake up, your routine in the early hours of the morning is identical: “You need to have fixed points – explain to us at # 3D Magazine -, not to lose the compass. For me, muscle awakening is the best booster to focus on the objectives of the day. A hot shower follows, with 30 seconds of freezing spray. And the day starts with the right petrol. My sister Camilla taught me that.” Camilla, her younger sister, is the scientific soul of Medspa, founded with her mother, returning to family activity in the pharmacy world.

An academic path that seemed to trace (and in part still is) an unavoidable path in the world of economics and finance, until Miamo was born. Son of a well-known plastic surgeon, Camillo d’Antonio, and Elena Aceto di Capriglia, a pharmacist and brother of Camilla, a member of the American Anti-Age Society, Giovanni – who has a Bocconi degree and two Masters – worked in prestigious settings such as businessman, advisor, reader. But it is with a happy intuition that today he is proud of the eighty percent of his time invested in the last years in what thanks to him has become a family business known in the world.

How was Miamo born?

“Like all things successful, I can say that apparently it was born by chance. Miamo is a cosmeceutical brand for all phases of skin life. My sister is a pharmacist, like my mother, and she specializes with international anti-aging studies. I studied economics and management. We are a very close family and we have always used to talk together, each one of our own things, comparing ourselves as in a round table where ideas come out. From a more in-depth discussion, we understood that my entrepreneurial spirit, my ability to plan and promote, combined with my sister’s scientific knowledge and the experience of my father and mother, could have given birth to something extraordinary.”

In a world made up of companies where it is difficult to identify a soul, you have more souls that coexist and dialogue. What is the secret of an agreement that moves from the family to the business?

“Respect. This has been taught to us by our parents who remain the strongest models of reference. Respect first of all the roles: nobody prevails the other. We can sometimes have different ideas, but there is a profound esteem and awareness of the meaning of each one of us and our collaborators in the overall vision of our company.”

After Miamo Nutraiuvens was born. A rib?

“It seemed right to reason how the organism reasons. To what we give our skin from the outside through serums, creams, masks, products for cleansing and for the treatment of skin diseases, or anti age, we have associated lines of supplements to complete their effects.”

Live a lot in Milan, Rome, and you’re always traveling in the capitals of the world, but your base remains Naples. Logistically chosen, perhaps not very strategic. How do you explain it?

“Naples is energy, health and, as far as I’m concerned, family. If on the one hand it is a sacrifice to always live with a suitcase – because, for example, if I lived in Milan the connections would be easier – on the other hand it is true that for me Naples is the cradle of ideas, it is root. Cities and the influence of an international culture certainly play a role, but I would lie if I said that the most winning ideas were not born here.”

How do you see Miamo’s future in 10 years?

“When my sister and I think about our company, we are always oriented towards our customers. So I tell you how we see them: maybe with 10 years more on the shoulders, but with 10 years less on the face!”

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