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Interpretation And Application Of Polypropylene T30S

30s is a specification of polypropylene, mainly used in the production of membrane crack fiber (agricultural rope, string, spinning, etc.) monofilament, stretch film, tube film, etc. T30s is the lightest of the general-purpose resins, with good rigidity, light transmission, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, thermal fluidity, and dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties, and good heat resistance. For the plastic extruding machines made by our factory which use pp materials, the pp used are all T30s model.

T30s melting point is about 170°c. It is stable without deformation under 150°c if there is no external force. It is chemically stable, resistant to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. It does not interact with most chemicals and basically absorbs no water. Its disadvantage is easy embrittlement and poor impact strength at low temperature. However, its disadvantages can be improved by additive blending or copolymerization. Its melt flow rate is 2-4, and its density is 0.9-0.91. Different countries and regions have different numbers for polypropylene, but as long as the parameters are the same, its characteristics and applications are also the same.

Polypropylene has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties and good high wear resistance processability, which has made polypropylene widely developed and applied in many fields such as machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, construction, textile, packaging, agriculture, forestry and fishery and food industry since its inception.

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The Working Principle Of Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic Filter also called hydraulic screen changer. It can be divided into: single plate double station screen changer, double plate double station screen changer, single column double station screen changer, double column double station screen changer, double column four station screen changer. This article specifically introduces the working principle of the double-plate double-station hydraulic screen changer.

The principle of double-plate double-station hydraulic screen changer is that two sliding plates in parallel state are inserted into the main body of the screen changer. Each sliding plate is designed with a circular filter station, and the two circular filters work simultaneously. The high-temperature melt is divided into two channels at the inlet of the screen changer and flows through the filter screen in the screen changer and flows together through the outlet into the mold.

When the impurities on the filter screen accumulate to a certain level, the pressure alarm will alarm, and the mesh needs to be changed. By operating the handle button on the hydraulic station, start the hydraulic station, press the push button of the corresponding column on the operating handle, push one of the sliding plates to move, the filter station moves out of the screen changer body, and the filter station on the other sliding plate is still there doing the filtering work. Close the hydraulic station after the work station is removed, then clean and replace the filter screen for the filter station that has been removed from the main body.

After replacing the new filter screen, start the hydraulic station, press the pull button of the corresponding slide plate on the operating handle of the hydraulic station, and pull the slide plate back to start working within the body. Then press the push button on another corresponding sliding plate on the hydraulic station to push the other sliding plate out of the main body. After changing the net, press the pulling button on the corresponding sliding plate on the operating handle of the hydraulic station to pull the sliding plate back to the working position for normal filtering work.

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