Internet Search Results Limit Visibility Of Small Businesses

Progress Of Small Businesses And Freelancers is limited

May 5th, 2018 – Digital places such as Google, Bing or Yahoo have helped many economies grow as they help customers find service providers. However, search results could actually be hurting the smaller participants of the economy because they limit the visibility of small businesses with a lesser budget to spend on their online advertising, thus hindering the wholesome growth of many small-scale economies, which include most freelancers and small business owners.

An internet search on any given engine for a “Reliable Handyman Near Me” can turn up next to nothing, even when there’s one with a workshop across the street. Instead, the search results provide information about companies and institutions offering these services. While some of these services involve a third party to link up between a corporation and the “Reliable Handyman Near Me”, this limitation forces regular people who wish to increase their business to seek access to third-party networks and other corporations or institutions that claim to provide such connections and more work. These third party networks then go on to release the information of all their freelancers and small-scale service providers only to the potential clients who sign up to such networks. It does not help to increase the visibility of these small-scale businesses online.

Owning a website and registering it on search engines is the best way of getting online visibility, but this is a task that not many freelancers can accomplish themselves as the process is time-consuming, specialized and expensive. Companies with larger budgets have dedicated teams who undertake this complex task, driving regular people’s businesses farther down the pages of search results, thus making it even harder to find them online. As a result, we hire the companies that advertise or appear on our first pages of results, driving more business to participants with more cash to spend on their online advertising and less business is driven to people who lack the expertise or knowledge to advertise online properly. More money goes to places that already have where more money already is, and this is not helpful to any growing economy.

Internet Search Engines work as middlemen that serve all markets, but they are only able to display whatever is publicly accessible on the web and limited to the amount of information that can fit on a single page. SEO strategies play an important part to increase visibility to any given business on the first pages of search results and regular people with limited budget lack the cash or expertise to execute an effective strategy to appear on those first search results. This means that any user needs to scroll through hundreds of Search results just to find the “Reliable Handyman Near Me”, easily giving up and finally hiring any of the companies that advertise or appear first.

For people who would wish to grow and increase their personal and professional businesses, there should be a tool to display their personal and professional offerings publicly, one where everyone can search from, easily sorting public profiles by location, occupation or name.

Such a technology was on display on May 3rd, at Collision Conference, in New Orleans ( and is currently being Alpha Proofed, as one of the many possible alternatives for people to become visible online and drive traffic to increase their business

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