International Travel Influencer Learns a Lesson from COVID on the Importance of Traveling Locally

Salwa Kisswani is a Travel Storyteller with a goal to travel to every country before turning 30 years old while documenting her adventures on her blog World Before 30; with Covid hitting globally, that goal was delayed but not forgotten!


Before Covid started, Salwa had moved from New York City to the South back in 2019 for a job opportunity as an App Developer. She funds her travels with freelance projects as a Web Developer and a Brand Ambassador for her Digital Media agency KisswaniX.

She shares her travel experiences in various cities around the world through publishing stories with a strong emphasis on photos and videos. Her travel career started after her visit to Japan in 2015 turned into a worldwide tour – with many unfortunate events, including a damaged passport. Salwa explained how she made the most of her trip. Her mission now stands to continue traveling and teaching others how to do the same – while financing herself through working odd jobs and trading the stock market; her trips were fueled by the many unforgettable adventures and people she met.


Along Salwa’s route through traveling the world, she created a clothing brand called Digital Hyde, where she adds all her favorite outfits from around the world- and music to her World Before 30’s Spotify playlist with over 1000 songs shared from around the world.

During Covid’s International travel restrictions, Salwa had the opportunity to travel locally and throughout the United States. She learned so much about what is in her own backyard! Salwa used the time to put her world travels on hold to rediscover the treasures her own country offers, visiting cities, mountains, lakes, countrysides, and beaches without crossing the borders, as she shows on her Instagram and Facebook.


“I was so focused on traveling to every other country in the world that I forgot how beautiful my own states are! Covid was both a blessing and a curse, but it gave us the time to reflect on what is important in our lives and show gratitude for everything we have.”

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