International Blockchain Experts Converge for Monspace Forum

On 13th-14th October, Monspace had its “Persevere and Shine” 4th anniversary celebration at the Malaysian International Trade Exhibition Centre (MITEC). Shareholders, clients, regional leaders, users and colleagues from around the world gathered to commemorate this special event, sharing in the joy of Monspace’s journey.

The 2-day event was packed with exciting programmes. Sunday’s (14th October) highlight, the “The Revolutionary Power Of Blockchain” forum was one of the most popular sessions.

“In 2017, Monspace launched its own cryptocurrency MSD. MSD is built on a highly regarded technology in the financial world, Blockchain; giving the currency great security,” said founder and CEO of Monspace Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai at the opening ceremony of the forum. 

Since 2017, Bitcoin and other blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. Its decentralised and detrust design garnered wide attention, and has been labelled a revolutionary technology.

Today, blockchain has become the most important technology since the birth of the Internet. It is a secure, trusted, decentralized, transparent data technology; used in industries, culture, the internet of things, and big data. It has shown great potential, and is capable of bringing efficiency to industries, finance, and government operations. It can even reshape world politics, economic patterns, and our daily lives. With decentralised encryption, blockchain offers unsurpassable security.

“The birth of blockchain has upended old issues such as the lack of transparency and trust in the market. It has created a new world of possibilities for finance, the internet, military, and governance,” said Lai.

To showcase the company’s dedication to blockchain and its ecosystem, including smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, encryption trends plus its real-world applications, Monspace hosted a forum on blockchain. It saw the attendance of local and international authorities in blockchain and finance gather to discuss the role of blockchain in the 21st century. 

The purpose of this forum was to offer audience the viewpoint of experts on the topic, helping people understand the uses and implications of blockchain.

During the forum, experts raised intriguing questions, such as exactly how “revolutionary” is blockchain? What are the effects of this technology on the human society? Blockchain is currently making a huge leap forward, what would its future look like?
VIPs present at the forum included founder and CEO of DistributedApps US, managing partner of the Dynamic Fintech Group, blockchain expert from the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Research Fellow of the Blockchain Regulatory Lab Mr Huang Lian Jin, founder of Quarkblock Community and Battlechain Mr. Deng Guo Fu, and representatives from the ASEAN Economic Research Institute.

During the forum, the team published an important plan for building a comprehensive digital economy ecosystem. The first step will be to cooperate with domestic and international blockchain and economic associations. This entails signing a memo with the ASEAN Economic Research Institute, and signing a memo with the Certified Blockchain Professional Organization (CBPRO) to build a blockchain research team, and looking into new projects in big data and the cryptocurrency market.

“When the internet was first created, people didn’t believe it could generate up to 1.5 trillion USD in economic value. Blockchain is exactly like how the internet was like. It has reached the tipping point where it spills into our daily lives and common application. We believe blockchain could change the world just like the internet did, and that is why MSD has been investing heavily into the technology, and tapping into the cryptocurrency market,” the MSD team said at the forum.

The forum was well-received among attendants. The MSD team will be having more of such forums and talks in future, offering a platform for further understanding of the technology for all.

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