Interactive and VR Experiences in Children’s Hospitals Are Vital For Kids

It is understandable that many hospitals and other health clinics are scary places for kids. Many kids do not know what they are entering into when they are getting certain physical treatments or evaluations. But with the help of an interactive wall or virtual reality experience, it becomes easier for kids to feel comfortable when getting into such a space.

Lusens produces outstanding walls that are important for such places. Lusens makes some very intriguing layouts that are fun for kids to play along with. They can be designed in many forms to fit the needs of any clinic space.

What Does a Wall Offer?

A fun immersive or interactive experience at a waiting room in a hospital or clinic can prove to be entertaining and unique for any child to play with. A wall will include a large layout that displays intriguing images that change and develop over time. It may come with sensors that read anyone’s movements and actions, thus causing things on the screen to change based on what one is playing around with.

Such walls can come with attractive and bright colors all around. These may come with fun games that kids can play along with. These include games that challenge their thinking and physical skills. The layout used on a screen is entertaining and offers a fun way for kids to challenge themselves and to stay active in many ways.

Important For Kids’ Experiences

A vital part of what makes an interactive wall ready comes from how it helps kids to feel comfortable and confident when they are getting out to a hospital or clinic. Kids are often worried when they get to hospitals. They might be fearful about what could happen at such a place. Some might be too nervous about some of the physical issues they have that they need to get treated. Others simply need to relax and feel comfortable before getting into any treatment space.

But with an interactive wall and virtual reality experience, it becomes easier for children to feel comfortable and relaxed. The games and fun features on such a wall make it easier for kids to forget about their problems and to stay feeling confident. They will not worry about their medical needs as they are playing. They can focus on some fun things to do before their big meetings.

Parents can enjoy some of the features that come with great interactive walls too. They will be impressed with some of the unique technical features of a wall and how well it can respond to anyone’s movements or other actions nearby. The outstanding design of such a wall adds a fascinating look for kids to have fun with.

Lusens Can Produce Quality Walls

Lusens is one group that hospitals and children’s clinics can contact for help with getting top-rate walls prepared. A special corner can be produced in a clinic waiting room to create a fine space where children can have fun and forget about some of the issues they are worried about.

The walls for children’s spaces are often made with some attractive layouts. These include fun color schemes and designs that blend in with other items in a room.

The control features found on one of these interactive walls can include many points that make it easier for such a wall to work and be laid out well enough. The controls include not only touchscreen features but also motion sensors that recognize where kids might be and how they are moving. Interactive floor features can also be found on some systems to create a unique layout where kids can move around and have fun with certain activities.

Many of these designs can be paired with virtual reality experiences. These include separate glasses that can be used for getting kids to play around in fun environments. The designs of the games that are often incorporated can add some great ways for kids to play along and have fun.

The designs that Lusens has been producing for various motion walls and interactive displays are varied and include many outstanding features. These designs are especially important for children’s hospitals and clinics thanks to how well they can produce fine images and layouts for kids to love playing with. Be sure to contact Lusens at to learn more about how these can be prepared and what special features they might come with.

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