Instagram Model From Iran Gained 1 Million Followers Through Comic Videos

Instagram Model From Iran Gained 1 Million Followers Through Comic Videos

The Iranian-Canadian model has built an impressive social media presence of more than 1.1 million Instagram followers for herself by posting comic relieving videos and giving real life experiences with humour. Offline, she is studying for a masters’ degree in Nursing from a university in Toronto, Canada.

“I first began posting makeup/beauty tips and tutorial videos on YouTube back in 2014, but since Iranian people do not have access to YouTube easily due to the fact that YouTube is censored in Iran then I decided to focus my online presence on Instagram where it is more accessible to my audience in Iran. I then started making fun comedy videos on Instagram in 2016.”

Growing up in Iran, Neda said she had a long history of fighting with her family because of her choices in men. She became a castaway after losing her virginity without legally married.

Neda aims to put forward her most true self on social media and she has been vocal about toxic relationships in many of her Instagram videos. Recently, she made a video about her street sexual assault story in Iran and it sparked up a huge discussion about street sexual assault in Iran; that story embolden many young girls to come out with their own sexual abuse stories.

“I am trying to challenge and push boundaries on Iranian strict and traditional culture, anti-feminism behavior, challenge no freedom culture in type of outfits women can wear in Iran with comedy twist/ touch, advocate for women rights especially in Iran, talking and challenging women abuse and men controlling women in Iran. I try to be the voice of girls and women in Iran and asking to give more rights and freedom.”

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