Inspiring Entrepreneurial journey of Kristina Ly, the founder of SLICE Shabu one of the top Asian restaurants in Orange County

Kristina Ly is the founder and owner of SLICE Shabu, a modern Asian restaurant in Orange County that serves quality and healthy food. From delicately sliced beef to fresh seafood and vegetables, the restaurant serves mouth-watering delights inspired by authentic Asian cuisine and is also equipped with a full lounge and bar, offering an ambient atmosphere for the diners. Thanks to Kristina’s dedication, hard work, and focused vision, the SLICE brand has expanded to three locations.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States and becoming a role model to the budding entrepreneurs, Kristina had her humble beginnings in Vietnam and migrated to the United States with her family, at the age of 10. Her entrepreneurial spirit as a child and willingness to do something great drove her to the States, where she could pursue her ambitions fearlessly. She achieved a degree in Management Information Systems from California State University, Fullerton and persistently worked for achieving success. Her passion for food led her to establish her own restaurant, Sakura Shabu, which was one of the few restaurants in Orange County offering Japanese cuisine. Sakura was later rebranded to SLICE Shabu, for appealing a wider customer base but without compromising its core essence of offering traditional hot-pot cuisine.

Kristina has recently partnered with the online delivery services like Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Doorsash for allowing the customers to enjoy delicious SLICE Shabu meal in the comfort of their house. Apart from leading her restaurant to further heights, Kristina also believes in giving back to the community. She is using her success as an opportunity to support her community members who need the right lift to pursue their dreams in life. She not only volunteers for local charities but also supports her employees in any way she can.

SLICE Shabu restaurants are located in Huntington Beach, Fullerton, and Mission Viejo.

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