Inspired by, Designed for Apple LifeBattery \’AIR\’ CAN NEVER BE COMPARED WITH ANY OTHER

Power of idea

17 July, 2017 – Foremost and famous technological firm FliFli proudly announces the Indiegogo campaign launching of one of the greatest idea turn product LifeBattery ‘AIR’.

This unique product LifeBattery ‘AIR’ from FliFli will be launched on Monday 17th July in New Jersey.

This Sleek, elegant and curvy designed LifeBattery ‘AIR’ is one of the greatest product this generation will ever live to appreciate, especially owners and users of Macbook and apple products. Lifebatery is a power-bank specifically built to serve Macbook and apple products, keeping them fully charged at all time.

Technically built for class, durability, and longer power outsource. LifeBattery ‘Air’ is manufactured with curvy edges for ergonomically friendly and easy to hold.

Choosing a color will not be difficult as there are varieties of colors to satisfy your choice. That Macbook will perfectly coordinate with the design and color.

Many other batteries have their output ports at the side of them. And this makes Apple MacBook’s charging plug to lift the battery a little and stays unstable. Able to place output ports on top! Enables your battery stay flat. No worries about your battery being lifted. And that makes the stable connection. (Apple-Able-Stable)

LifeBattery AIR is designed to support your busy life. It takes 4 hours or less to charge this device fully. It can charge Macbook Air for 68 Hours, MacBook Pro Touch Bar for 63 Hours, iPad Pro for 38 Hours, iPad mini for 38hours, iPhone 7 for 295 Hours, iPhone 7 + for 135 Hours, iPhone 6 for 360 Hours, Apple Watch Series for 1,960 Hours. LifeBattery AIR is limitless. Macbook, iPhone, iPad, you name it. The device comes in two categories, one with three ports and the other with five charging ports. It charges limitless types of product!


The inspirational idea that gave birth to this product LifeBattery ‘AIR’ is borne out of the need to keep mobile device and systems powered, even when one is outside a powers source, or on vacation, journey and all that. People carry Apple devices everywhere without being next to the wall socket. A video about this idea can be viewed on the Indiegogo link.

Ever bothered on powering that Macbook system or your iPhones with a low battery while on vacation? Then get this awesome product called LifeBattery ’Air’Thank FliFli later!

Seeing is believing, as many people say, viewing the YouTube link and see how great the LifeBattery product “AIR” looks like and how it works.

Resellers out there have been on the neck of the manufacturer to give out the sole right of selling. There have been a lot of positive comments during and after the test running of this product.

“I cannot imagine a kinda power source as powerful as this; I got and used this FliFli power-bank for almost twenty hours powering my MacBook. Indeed it made my vacation fun.” – E. James

FliFli remains a giant and top player in the technological world, serving as a solution sources by innovative concepts of creating tools, humanity needs to get problems solved.

All FliFli products are fantastic products, inspired to attend to an aspect of life, to make life easier and fun filled.

FliFli boast of a great team of passionate customer service unit who are dedicated to answers all sales related questions and Inquiries.

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