Inspire Change Wellness is Changing Men’s Lives One Treatment at a Time

This Men’s only Rehab center in Vancouver is helping men understand and deal with their addictions in a comforting and judgment-free environment.

Whether they are giving out gourmet meals to keep your body strong, relaxing your mind with yoga classes, or helping your spirit heal by allowing you to bring family mementos and familiar books and puzzles. Inspire Change Wellness is committed to assisting men to deal with alcohol and drug addictions by healing all parts of the body and helping you reestablish familial relations that may have been damaged by the addiction.

The center starts the recovery by showing patients to their rooms and allowing them to get acclimated to their new surroundings. To make the process easier, each patient is allowed to bring photos and other personal items that can help them feel more comfortable in the new environment and their schedule is full of physical activity and social time, as well as personal time for themselves and one on one time with staff and therapists. Family is also encouraged to speak with the staff for updates on the progress of their loved one, keeping them in the loop as well and keeping them in contact with the patient through family therapy to aid in recovery and potentially rebuild relationships that were broken by the addiction.

Inspire also tailors every rehab program for their specific client’s needs, offering many treatments including group, one on one, and family therapy, Physical activity, and group activities to encourage bonding and trust with other men. The company treats people and tries to discover the cause of why a given patient became an addict, so they can prevent it from happening again once they leave the program.

It also offers an aftercare program once the primary treatment is done, helping to guide men back into the real world and avoid the risks of temptation and to help them deal with the causes, triggers, and problems that made them addicted to a substance in the first place.

And to make things better, the center’s website also offers the following guarantee. “as long as you complete the inpatient program and participate in the aftercare program, you will be given free treatment in the event of a relapse.” (

About Inspire Change Wellness:

Inspire is an addiction rehab center focusing on creating rehab programs for the specific needs of every patient, recognizing that every addiction and situation is different, and requires a different treatment plan. They allow family support, various forms of treatment both medicinal and holistic, and a clean and comfortable environment to break you from dependence on your addiction and keep you from relapsing once you leave the program.

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Company Name: Vancouver Drug Rehab
Contact Person: Louis Grant
Phone: (888) 277-2145
City: Vancouver
State: BC V4B 0A7
Country: Canada