Inspire Change Rehab Publishes Facts About Alcohol Addiction in Canada

Inspire Change, a Vancouver-based addiction treatment center for men, has produced a new series of guidance into alcohol addiction in Canada.

Inspire Change, a Vancouver-based addiction treatment center for men, has produced a new series of guidance into alcohol addiction in Canada.

The insight examines alcohol addiction in Canada and whether it is different than in other places of the world, and alcohol’s role as the most abused form of substance in the country. According to findings, people on average are drinking less now than in previous eras, but the problem continues to drastically change the lives of people in countless ways. In particular, the research finds that binge drinking has become increasingly popular especially among younger people, as has drinking by underage children.

The study also looks at the reasons why people in Canada drink, and one of the top findings is boredom. Beer is consumed in especially high volumes due to reasons of boredom, with more than half of Canada’s total alcohol spend going on beer. It found that while the vast majority of Canadians that drink do so socially and have no addiction or dependency whatsoever on beer or other alcohols. Yet it also found that there are also binge drinkers that continue to consume alcohol in far too high volumes, and despite being aware of the negative effects and consequences that come with it, continue to do so. Citing findings from the Canadian Medical Association Journal, around 9% of Canadians regularly consume more beer than the recommended levels, and binge drink the equivalent of five bottles of beer in less than two hours.

Inspire Change’s research also looks into how people end up as alcoholics, how things can spiral from one drink, and the ages that addiction tends to happen. The results found that heavy drinking is most likely to occur with people between the ages of 15 and 24 at an adolescent age when new changes and pressures come to bear. Research indicates that underage drinking as led to an average of 3,500 deaths per year, in addition to around 2 million recorded injuries. In addition, it was found that around 20% of eighth grade students had consumed alcohol at some point in the previous month.

Overall, the study found that around 4% of Canadians can be considered as alcoholics, and that 600,000 were dependent on alcohol to some extent during the past decade. The country reports 2,000 fatalities per year from liver disease as a result of alcoholism, and also finds a strong link between alcoholism and drug abuse.

In addition to the health consequences of alcohol abuse, Inspire Change’s report also found financial impacts as a result of the rising costs of healthcare due to alcoholism. As the number of people in Canada needing support with alcohol addictions increases, government funding becomes more thinly spread for treatments and cures.

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