Inspirational Book “Your Hidden Light” Chosen to be Part of Suffolk University Class Syllabus for \”Happiness: How to Get It\” Course

Despite being successful in business, author Raana Zia still felt unfulfilled. Her book “Your Hidden Light” describes how she changed this for the better, transforming her life into something overflowing with day-to-day magic. And now a major university has made it part of their studies.

January 10, 2018 – Without a true sense of purpose, life can seem very much like a series of frustrating challenges barely worth struggling over.  The question of how to find that purpose has been looked at by many, but most have approached the topic from the perspective of theory rather than experience.  Enter Raana Zia, the author behind the popular inspirational, thought-provoking book “Your Hidden Light”, who not only deciphered how to find her own life’s purpose and “hidden light”, but successfully transformed her life into something she only dreamed of previously, using the exact methods she describes.  In exciting news, Zia recently announced “Your Hidden Light” has been selected by professor Sushil Bhatia Ph. D. at the business school at Suffolk University in Boston to be on the class syllabus for the course Happiness: How to Get It for the Spring 2018 Semester.  Excitement surrounding the inclusion is high.

“Your Hidden Light” is a culmination of my personal journey and what I discovered while searching for my purpose,” commented the energetic Zia. “Despite the fact that I had achieved my goal as a finance professional of becoming a CFO of a billion dollar company, there was an inner feeling inside of me pushing me to do something more. I felt a strong inner calling to figure out what my true purpose was and what I needed to do to create true happiness in my career. I did everything I could to find out what my inner urge was telling me (meditation, personal coaches, self help books, seminars, retreats, etc). After a couple of years, I felt I was being pointed to write about what I was learning – a synthesis of how to most effectively create an empowered and fulfilling life. This seemed so unexpected since my strengths and career had been focused on analytics. I loved this new creative impulse that was growing in me, but I did not know how to use it at first. I did not believe I could actually be a writer. What I did know is that I needed to trust my inner guidance, so I spent another year and a half building a belief in myself that this was possible. Once I was ready, I felt a strong sensation it was time to write this book. The chapter titles and approximate page count came to me immediately, and then I started to write. The book was written in two months.”

The book is certainly having a very positive impact winning rave reviews and drawing feedback that it is also helping others change their own lives for the better through finding their own hidden light and true life purpose.

Zia continued about the writing process, “There was definitely a powerful energy coming through me that was using my writing preference and experiences to deliver this message. What I experienced was a strong dose of inspiration, which everyone can access. The words that I was writing were also the words that I needed to live by in order to change my own life for the better. I was constantly being reminded to stay disciplined in my thinking and feelings if I wanted to easily manifest good things in my life. I learned conscious creation is truly a discipline and a practice, but it is the most effective way to create true happiness in your own life.”

Being part of the Suffolk University in Boston Happiness: And How to Get It course is certainly a breakthrough.  In all likelihood many are to come both for Raana Zia and her book “Your Hidden Light”, a true work of the heart.

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