INSONGREEN Enhances Global Reach with Advanced Agricultural Net Production for Middle East and Africa

INSONGREEN Enhances Global Reach with Advanced Agricultural Net Production for Middle East and Africa
INSONGREEN, together with its parent company INSON Group, is expanding its production and distribution of agricultural nets. This step, building on their expertise in greenhouse-related businesses, aims to better serve the agricultural production needs of markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Founded in 1990, INSONGREEN has consistently focused on the design, production, and installation services of large commercial greenhouses. Annually, it can produce about 500,000 square meters of greenhouse building materials, mainly including greenhouse structures and covers, along with corresponding systems and accessories for these greenhouses.


Over the past three years, to meet the growing demand for crop protection in the Middle East and Africa, INSONGREEN, leveraging the production capacity of its parent company and its own market resources, has strengthened the supply of agricultural protection products to these regions. This includes a range of products such as greenhouse screens, agricultural shade nets, insect nets, and ground cover fabrics.


John Zhang, a spokesperson for INSONGREEN, shared insights at the recent Arab Agriculture Exhibition. He said, “The regions of the Middle East and Africa have always faced challenges with limited agricultural resources and food security. For example, back in 2021, Nigeria saw a 50% reduction in its annual crop yield due to pest attacks. Considering such issues, we have noticed an increasing interest in our agricultural protection nets from local farming businesses and wholesalers. This has also prompted us to recently increase our Agricultural nets product research and development, production, and supply. We hope that our products and services can better meet the needs of local enterprises and agricultural cultivators.”



INSON Group, known for its strong capabilities in machinery manufacturing and textile processing in Southwest China, has built lasting partnerships with wholesalers and agricultural companies worldwide. The group is celebrated for its cost-effective production processes and offers great value for money. It comprises three main brands: INSONGREEN, INSONSHADE, and SCREENMAX, each providing specialized products like greenhouse accessories, shade nets, and greenhouse curtains. As of now, INSON Group has extended its services and products to over 30 countries globally.

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