Insights to Behavior Partners with Lee County Schools Through “Behavior Bootcamp”

Providers of innovative behavior management tools, Insights to Behavior, achieve landmark success following a partnership with Lee County Schools through Behavior Bootcamp.

The Insights to Behavior team has continued to push boundaries, staying true to the goal of equipping educators with the necessary resources to manage behavioral issues in the classroom, judging by the success achieved in the recent partnership with Lee County Schools in Florida. The award-winning company collaborated with the district to deliver training sessions through their Behavior Bootcamp.  

One of the major issues faced by teachers and other categories of educators across the globe is classroom management. Statistics have revealed that educators struggle with managing the behavior of their students. Over the years, several initiatives have been put in place to help schools and teachers deliver the best possible learning experience to students by effectively managing and solving classroom problems. Unfortunately, many of such strategies have not delivered the desired results. The situation is not particularly different in Lee County and other parts of the United States, which is where Insights to Behavior aims to make a difference with Behavior Bootcamp.  

The 3-day training session explores the different aspects of effective behavioral management, looking at behavior skills and how to perform a functional behavior assessment (FBA), as well as choosing appropriate strategies to better help students, the importance of data collection, and usefulness of building behavior plans. Scenarios were also created around real-life experiences to help educators demonstrate mastery of the lessons learned at the end of each day. The concepts taught during the bootcamp include Multi-Tiered System Supports (MTSS), the Five Competencies of SEL from the CASEL Model, the Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) model, and how to create a legally defensible behavior intervention plan (BIP). 

Based on feedback from participants and a decrease in behavior referrals, the Lee County Schools-Insights to Behavior partnership is a success. The company has expressed its readiness to take the campaign to different parts of the country and help educators create empowered students, teachers, and staff in the educational sector. 

For further information about the bootcamp and other resources from Insights to Behavior, visit – The campaign also continues across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.  

About Insights to Behavior  

Insights to Behavior is an Oklahoma-based company that aims to help educators get the best from their students by managing their behaviors. The company has developed an award-winning web-based application that empowers any user to quickly create a BIP with research-based strategies as well as other tools and resources to deliver the best classroom learning experience. 

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