Inovaxion International Set To Launch The Innovative Circlo© On Kickstarter

Providers of innovative tech-driven solutions, Inovaxion International, announces the launch of Circlo©, a groundbreaking lighting solution on Kickstarter

Thierry CHARGUERAUD and his team at Inovaxion International are staying true to their goal of delivering products using the mastered technology of electromagnetic levitation with the launch of Circlo©. Described as “the eldest of a New Generation of extraordinary lights,” the product offers a unique combination of functionality and style to light up every space.

Circlo© is the dream of three friends who have decided to pool their talents to create an exceptional object intended to illuminate the space thanks to the strength and the gifts of mother-nature! Circlo© is a wonderful eclipse. Beautiful as a sun hidden behind the Moon for a moment but which would have decided to remain motionless forever to keep all the poetry of its luminous crown. The purest Technology is that which is effaced in front of Beauty while giving it an advantage!” said Thierry CHARGUERAUD, Founder of Inovaxion International.

Over the years, several innovators have emerged to deliver “out of this world” solutions to make living better. Technological advancements have particularly helped the emergence of a wide range of innovations in recent times. However, a team of 3 inventors has created Inovaxion International, with the intention to chart a new course, finding strength in their diversity to offer electromagnetic levitation-backed products.

Circlo© is an unprecedented combination of light and the company’s patented magnetic levitating system to deliver a floating metal ball that controls the light. Circlo© is more than a magical lamp but also shows the limitless nature of man’s creativity. The lighting solution has an amazing design and functionality, obeying the single controlled action of one finger on a gravity-defying object, with the world’s first invisible switch made with the patented Flyswitch technology.

The lighting solution will be launched on Kickstarter for interested buyers across the globe.

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About Inovaxion International

Inovaxion International was founded as a startup to develop breathtaking solutions to real-life problems, leveraging the power of technology and the creativity of the team of inventors. Headquartered in France, the company aims to combine science, magic, and human’s limitless creativity to offer outstanding solutions to customers worldwide.

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