Inov8 Real Estate launches technology to revolutionize transaction process

The new Inov8 Real Estate technology platform integrates consumers and professionals in a seamless, transparent and convenient process that makes previous portals obsolete.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California – Inov8 Real Estate, a California-based real estate network, has announced the unveiling of its new technology platform, which addresses the concerns of real estate professionals as well as consumers with several revolutionary innovations. Inov8 is offering this new service free to all real estate professionals.

The Inov8 platform provides one online workspace where all transaction activities can be conducted, including:

• Transaction management

• Offer comparisons

• Offer submission and counter offers

• Loan activities

• Escrow and title events

The platform can be easily accessed by all parties involved in a transaction, allowing for instant real-time communication between them. That makes for a more streamlined process from listing to close.

“Surveys have shown that what consumers want most of all in their real estate transactions is transparency and good communication,” said Jason Crawford, CEO of Inov8 Real Estate. “This new platform provides that to a degree that hasn’t been seen in the industry before. We’re very excited to show our real estate colleagues what this technological advance can do for them and their clients.”

The Inov8 platform provides consumers with an alternative to online services that offer everything current listings to property valuations—and leave out the real estate professional. “This new service provides everything the consumer-facing sites do, and much more,” Crawford said. “Most importantly, it includes the most important player in any transaction—the trained, skilled real estate professional.  It will enable agents to take back the initiative in the real estate process. And that’s good for everybody.”  

In addition to its unique technology platform, Inov8 also offers agents the opportunity to join a free nationwide professional network, where they can enjoy enhanced visibility and receive referrals.

In all, Inov8 Real Estate represents a giant step forward for the real estate industry.

INOV8 REAL ESTATE is a technology platform and nationwide network designed by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals. Its mission is to bring health and prosperity to the industry by enhancing the experience of consumers as well as professionals. Inov8’s unique proprietary technology promises to usher in a new era of efficiency and convenience for all those who conduct real estate transactions, which will benefit agents as well as buyers and sellers.  To better serve the real estate community, Inov8 offers membership in its network free to all qualified professionals.   

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