Inobrace-Flipactivewear Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Flipactivewear Pants

Flipactivewear Pants are a new innovative style of athletic pants that allows the wearer to change the look of their activewear pants bringing fashion and function together seamlessly.

With the choice of a V-Waist or the Original firmer fitting waist, Flipactivewear is like no other athletic pant on the market.  By combining double stitching and double layered material, these innovative pants function as a high performance athletic pant while allowing for a smooth and seamless transition to provide additional support and a style changing feature.

Inobrace-Flipactivewear wanted to take the best qualities of the 21st Century woman — independence, creativity, and drive — and transfer those qualities over to an active wear fit for a modern woman.  Flipactivewear allows the wearer to experiment with different styles while wearing the pants.  With a uniquely attractive top band, these pants can be identified across a room just by their appearance.  

As a personal trainer, the inventor of Flipactivewear noticed that many people who wore athletic pants also wore support sleeves over their knees. After realizing that these separate pieces could become cumbersome and easily lost, the idea came that all of these different pieces could be put together into one article of clothing.  The idea for Flipactivewear was born.


Some features of the Flipactivewear pant include:

• Thick waist-band designed to hold your shape

• Outer side pockets designed for smart phone or ipod

• A flip feature cuff designed for compression type support for joints and a style changer

• The option to go from full length to capris

• Fitted with a double layer and narrow angled fit on the flip feature

• Material that is breathable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, fast drying, 4 way stretch, and odor resistant

In addition to being an innovator of active wear, the team at Inobrace-Flipactivewear wanted to help others at a global level. Every pant from the brand is connected to people around the world in order to help liberate and support others by removing barriers that may hamper achievement. Through the social mission, they work to ensure that every pant assists those in need to improve their overall health and wellness in their communities around the globe.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $1 CAD to $410 CAD, with rewards including everything from your name in the Family section of the company website, to a thank you card with a surprise, to your very own Flipactivewear pants at an early bird price.  

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Flipactivewear Pants:  

Flipactivewear pants are a style of athletic pants that are not only functional but stylish as well.  These active wear pants can be modified to provide additional support for the wearer.

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