Innovative School Tools LLC Supporting Teacher Productivity Through TeachersInTouch

The System Helps With Reducing Paperwork For Teachers

Atlanta – February 27, 2019 – Innovative School Tools LLC is helping teachers to handle their workflow management paperwork needs. The work provided by Innovative School Tools LLC through the TeachersInTouch system helps teachers simplify their workload.

The general complexity that comes with running a classroom can make it harder for teachers to do their main job (teaching children) appropriately. Teachers may struggle with handling student progress reports, referrals, and behavior logs among other things. It is exciting to see how well the software solution works for producing a thorough and sensible plan for streamlining the paperwork. Teachers will spend more time on improving their teaching efforts and with helping students to learn more.

The Innovative School Tools LLC solution was built by educators for educators. The team has more than 40 years of K12 experience.

The design includes many features that work with convenience in mind. The organization of documents and data through the system makes for a management solution clients are bound to love. The intelligence feature also helps teachers keep kids from falling through the cracks.

TeachersInTouch is designed for schools to improve productivity and efficiency. Much of this includes ensuring teacher attrition and burnout is prevented.

The thorough reports produced also ensure people can get full details on how productive their schools are. The data is detailed and provides information on attendance, behavior reports, and documents that can be useful for parents to analyze when seeing how their students are progressing.

Referral management data is automatically promoted through the program. The referral content helps with identifying consequences or the next steps for certain work situations.

All students can and shall learn with an effective Response To Intervention system. The exorbitant amount of paperwork deters many from fully completing the process to ensure all students learn.  TeachersInTouch takes the work out of this exhaustive but legally required process.

Increasing parental engagement improves student achievement by 8%, student attendance by at least 2.5%, reduces student disruptions by 25%, and increases classroom participation and homework completion.  TeachersInTouch makes parental engagement workflow easy.  Contacting the parent is the first step in the parental engagement workflow.  TeachersInTouch helps the teacher complete the entire workflow including documentation.

TeachersInTouch increases productivity, effectiveness, and efficacy.  Teachers put in work but get more return on the investment of their efforts thanks to TeachersInTouch.  Innovative School Tools LLC created the gear that maximizes and multiplies teachers’ efforts to get more things done without the burnout.

Information on what Innovative School Tools LLC has to offer to teachers can be found online on The site provides full details on everything that teachers can utilize when it comes to managing the work of teaching. The information will help with identifying many things of value for today’s school teachers.

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