Innovative Mobile Game Where Goal is Peace Seeks Indiegogo Support

Players start the game at war, end at peace

Modiin, Israel – April 25, 2018 – Most video games today have one objective: destruction. Now there’s a new game being created that drives players toward something better: peace.

Peacemaker, which is seeking backers on indiegogo, offers all of the excitement of other video games, but the end goal for the players in Peacemaker is not to kill their opponent, but to make peace with them.

The game’s concept was created by Ofer Hod, an art director, animator, children’s book author and father who loves video games himself. “I want to bring the thrill and excitement of war games, which I really love, to a new concept in gaming; a game that you win or lose together,” he explained. “Hopefully this game will help train young mindsets and emphasize that peace comes with courage and that war belongs to those who live in fear.”

The game begins with two players fighting each other. Each player’s goal is to get his or her character into the right mood to either accept a peace offer or make a peace offer. Both players win when peace is achieved. Conversely, both lose the game if one character kills another. Each peaceful outcome earns points. Killing deducts them.

Each player has a set of tools to use to influence their character’s mood. On the screen, players can track their character’s current mood in the areas of health, fear and anger. Each tool that influences the mood is influenced by the mood itself. For example, if a player gives his character ice cream to calm him down, the character can throw it at the opponent if he is too angry. Actions like this increases the anger gauge, taking both players farther from peace…. and winning.

“I believe the game can bring a new way of thinking for both children and adults,” said Hod. ”When all your efforts in the game are designed to calm your character, this could change the way we think about strength and power. If you have real power, you don’t need to fight.”

Why a indiegogo Campaign

The game is in the beginning stages of development and, with a goal of creating a new genre of video game, requires quality visual design, programming, characterization, animation, sounds and storage.

Early backers receive original artwork prints, t-shirts or even a character in the game named after them! 

The indiegogo page is here:

The final product, Peacemaker, will be a fun and free mobile video game that puts peace at the forefront. Hod is excited to bring this new concept to market to provide an alternative outcome for video games.

“Then,” he said, “I hope world peace will not be too far behind!”

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