Innovative Leap from College to Canvases as Young Entrepreneurs Revolutionize Pet Memorabilia with Innovative Custom Collage Artistry

With an innovative twist on pet portraiture, these enterprising students offer a novel way for pet enthusiasts to showcase their love through artful collages

Boston, MA – In a refreshing surge of entrepreneurial spirit, two computer science students from top tier schools in Boston have launched Marley & Mango, a startup poised to redefine pet collectables. This early-year venture stems from a desire to transform how pet lovers immortalize their furry companions. It must be noted that Marley & Mango is not just another pet portrait company. It offers a distinct product – custom pet collages, where pets’ names serve as a canvas for cherished photos, creating a personalized and visually captivating narrative. 

Unlike conventional pet portraits that depict a single moment, these collages invite pet owners to weave a textile of memories. Each collage is a unique amalgamation of moments, emotions, and bonds shared with pets. This innovative approach to pet portraiture caters specifically to the untapped market of pet enthusiasts seeking something more than the traditional offerings. 

Marley & Mango’s custom collages come in three sizes – small (8×12″), medium (12×18″), and large (18×24″) – all in landscape format to beautifully align with the pet’s name. The process is straightforward: customers upload their favorite pet photos, and the company’s skilled designers craft a personalized collage. Clients are entitled to unlimited revisions until the final product resonates with their vision, reflecting Marley & Mango’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The collages serve as a perfect tribute to the joy pets bring and a unique way to keep their memories alive and visible.

Marley & Mango’s service is not just about the end product; it promises to be an experience. The turnaround time for receiving a collage is between 4 to 9 business days, inclusive of custom design, printing, and shipping. This efficient process ensures that customers can swiftly enjoy their personalized pet memorabilia.

Benjamin Gavrilov, a co-founder of Marley & Mango, invites pet lovers to explore this novel concept in pet memorabilia. “It is my goal to transform those pet photos in your phone to beautiful wall art,” he said in a recent statement, encapsulating the essence of what Marley & Mango offers – a chance to celebrate pets in a way that’s both personal and aesthetically pleasing.

For more information about Marley & Mango and to order a custom pet collage, visit Marley & Mango.

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