Innovative Facial Reshaping: Dr. Anil Shah and Aesthetic Skin Introduce Volux, a Revolutionary Filler by Allergan

New York, NY – May 2, 2024 – Dr. Anil R. Shah, a renowned facial plastic surgeon and his well respected practice at Aesthetic Skin are proud to announce the introduction of Volux by Allergan. Volux is a groundbreaking filler that promises to define and sculpt the jaw flawlessly. 

Volux is the newest addition to the Allergan portfolio of dermal fillers. Volux is special as it is specifically formulated to create structural support and volume to target and define areas of the face. Volux promises long lasting results and structure making it the choice for reshaping bone components of the facial anatomy where the bone changes have occurred over time or initially where lacking making it ideal for facial reshaping procedures. 

“At Aesthetic Skin, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of facial rejuvenation and delivering the most natural-looking results for our patients,” noted Dr. Anil Shah when speaking about the newest filler. “With the introduction of Volux, we have a powerful tool that allows us to reshape the entire bone structure of the face, achieving unparalleled impact and creating truly transformative outcomes.”

Dissimilarly to traditional dermal fillers that treat soft tissue concerns, Volux gives Dr. Shah the power to address underlying structural changes to the face – in example bone resorption and a softened jaw line. Injection with Volux will strategically restore youthful contours, enhance facial harmony and refresh a patient’s overall appearance. 

“At Aesthetic Skin, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation,” remarks Dr. Sameea Chughtai, a key member of Dr. Shah’s team. “Volux allows us to address not only the signs of aging in the soft tissues but also the underlying bone changes that contribute to facial aging. The result is a more natural and long-lasting enhancement that our patients love.”

Empowered with innovative products like Volux Dr.Shah and his team strive for excellence ensuring each patient is able to achieve their aesthetic goals with the newest tools readily available for best in facial rejuvenation. 

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Dr. Anil Shah is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and the founder of Aesthetic Skin Institute in New York City. With a passion for innovation and excellence, Dr. Shah specializes in advanced facial rejuvenation techniques, including surgical and non-surgical procedures. He is renowned for his artistic approach to facial reshaping and his commitment to achieving natural-looking results.

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Aesthetic Skin is a premier destination for advanced facial rejuvenation and skincare in New York City. Led by Dr. Anil Shah and his expert team, the institute offers a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. With a focus on innovation, education, and patient-centered care, Aesthetic Skin is dedicated to helping individuals enhance their natural beauty and achieve confidence in their appearance.

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