Innovative E-learning Platform, BeNFT Announces Token Generation Event

Innovative E-learning Platform, BeNFT Announces Token Generation Event

BeNFT, an innovative e-learning platform that leverages blockchain and AI avatars to deliver a pioneer learn and earn metaverse, has announced its upcoming token generation event (TGE). The event, like all TGEs, will introduce BeNFT tokens to the market, encouraging potential investors to get in early. 

BeNFT is a genuinely interactive and captivating platform that provides a sustainable environment for students to earn Sole-bound NFTS while learning. BeNFT offers a variety of diverse courses from some of the world’s leading learning institutions and industry leaders. The platform is powered by high-grade AI technology and comprises a crypto project, an DeFi shop, an AI Trading platform, and the groundbreaking Learn and Earn platform. All of these make up the BeNFT ecosystem. 

BeNFT leverages the potential of AI to deliver personalized learning support and assistance. These AI-powered tutors help students navigate the platform, answer questions, and provide feedback. Thus, giving them the support and assistance needed to survive in the tumultuous learning space. BeNFT’s AI-enabled tutors are built to assist all students, regardless of levels of assimilation, experience, and knowledge. 

Through our Al-powered platform, we’re not only personalizing the learning experience for each student but also connecting them with potential clients and employers who are looking for their expertise. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved,” Guillermo Gharib, CEO of BeNFT, says.

Leveraging Blockchain for Transparency, Security, and Immutability 

BeNFT combines blockchain with AI to guarantee an additional level of transparency, security, and immutability—the core tenets of this technology. Blockchain enables the incorporation of financial incentives for learning and ensures that students’ academic records and achievements are stored permanently, immutably, and safely. The e-learning platform is committed to empowering individuals to unearth hidden potentials, improve critical thinking skills, foster a life of learning, and enhance problem-solving skills. 

By combining education and earning, we’re creating a new paradigm for learning that empowers students to take charge of their careers and achieve financial independence. At BeNFT, we’re all about helping our students unlock their full potential,” the CEO says. 

On the BeNFT platform, SBT and NFTs serve as currency for rewards, certification, and other in-platform payments.

Fostering Collaboration and Community Building

BeNFT fosters collaboration and communication among students. Hence the design of communal areas for student-to-student interactions. BeNFT is not only committed to imparting knowledge and community-building skills but also seeks to provide students with the necessary tools to turn newly acquired skills into profitable careers. 

At BeNFT, we’re not just teaching students new skills—we are also providing them with the tools they need to turn those skills into a career. Our Learn to Earn approach is designed to empower students of all ages to not just learn, but also earn.

About BeNFT 

BeNFT is an interactive, innovative, and engaging e-learning platform that commingles artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide a sustainable, collaborative learn and earn metaverse. The platform integrates AI-powered avatars, content, and assistance tools to enable students to learn and earn. 

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