An App Developed By Team Of Dog Lovers For The Canine Community

Friday, December 23, 2016 — Followed by an immense success, and positive response met at the hands of canine lovers from all across the U.S.A, the official Dog Training App is ready for its iOS store launch in New Zealand, Philippines, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

Keithan Torrey, the lead developer and creator of the famous application made the decision after carefully taking constructive feedback and a great number of reviews into consideration. More information about ‘Dog Training App’ and download details for iOS users is available at .

The real intent of creating and releasing the Dog Training App was not related to creating a smartphone training program for dogs. Quite frankly, the industry is already aware of it, and the app store is already brimming with such similar applications.

In his own experience, Keithan Torrey was inspired to reach out to millions of dog owners followed by day in – day out reports of abandoned dogs, escalating euthanasia statistics and so much more. The most common element among such incidents was the fact that these former “dog owners” failed to connect with their dogs, or rather failed at training them the right way.

As a result, the Dog Training App was released to overcome such issues, and to help reduce any calamities related to canines’ untimely demise. This application went through tremendous changes at all fronts via core updates, user feedback and input from the iOS app community itself. What merely started as a library of over 33 Dog Training videos for the common iPhone user within the U.S., has now spread its reach across other countries as well.

It is speculated that the decision to make Dog Training App accessible to worldwide iOS users from different countries will help benefit dog owners at a massive scale. In relation to this recent announcement, Keithan Torrey reportedly said, “We are pleased with the positive feedback so far from users and third party reviews alike, and we want to start 2017 off by offering our unique methodology to dog owners outside the U.S. We will always continue being on the forefront of delivering affordable and effective means of giving dog owners high quality information, not only inside the U.S. but to all dog owners worldwide.”

Full features, upcoming updates and further information about this app can be viewed at today.

Future plans for this app are rumored to consist of more offline features, customized programs for dog training, exercise regimen for different dog species, inclusion of new and unique user submitted video content, dog health trackers and so much more.

About Keithan Torrey:

Hailing from Monterey, California, Keithan Torrey is known as a hardcore mobile app developer in the iOS community. When he’s not busy developing applications, he likes to take long strolls with his dogs, and contemplate new ideas for giving back to the society through better, efficient, and smarter ways.

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