Innovative City Bicycling with Ideawheel R5 Smart Electric Bike

Ideawheel R5 is making bicycling a completely new riding experience for riders and riding R5 electric bike is actually a relaxing, easy and speedy, and this has satisfy the new riding needs from young generations who care about time, health and life quality. Ideawheel R5 electric power bicycle can realize a time-saving, healthy and flexible commuting way for Ideawheel young generations.

Ideawheel riders are blessed with a new miraculous product- Ideawheel R5 electric folding bike that completely reshape the riding model with bikes. With new innovations of R5, Ideawheel riders can enjoy a much more relaxing and wonderful bicycling with R5 city electric bike.

Ideawheel R5

The R5 electric moped bike has realized speedy bicycling as the R5 electric folding bike can be assisted by electric power. Riding with ordinary bikes is always considered as low-speed and tiring as the traditional bicycling is fully supported by physical power. However, Ideawheel R5 city electric bike is actually providing two electric-powered riding models for riders and riders can ride with full electric power or semi electric power according to different riding needs. Anyway, the electric assisted bike can reach better speed and saves a lot of strength and time on road.

Ideawheel R5

Moreover, Ideawheel R5 citizen e-bike can also shift to non-electric-powered model and works as an ordinary bicycle for riders when they hope to take bicycling for physical exercises. The superior design of Ideawheel R5 electric folding bike also enables Ideawheel riders to enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience due to it 16-inch sized wheels designed with great land-holding capacity to conquer the uneven and bumpy road conditions, so Ideawheel riders are able to enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding and are more likely to take bicycling as a good way to keep fitness.

Ideawheel R5

The R5 also makes daily commuting extremely flexible and easy. Ideawheel R5 is collapsible and riders can reshape the structure of Ideawheel R5 electric moped bike to much smaller sizes so that they can take the R5 city electric bike easily. For instance, many Ideawheel riders collapse R5 electric assist bike into smaller size and put it into car trunk and when they are stuck by traffic jam, they can park the car and continue to move forward flexible with the Ideawheel R5.

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