Innovation for Manufacturers to Manage Supply Chain During COVID-19 Applauded by Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler

Innovation for Manufacturers to Manage Supply Chain During COVID-19 Applauded by Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler

Manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler, is hearing about a wide range of new products and services helping the industrial sector deal with the real-time challenges of COVID-19.  TechCrunch reported that Assent Compliance, a company that helps large manufacturers like GE and Rolls Royce manage complex supply chains through an online data exchange, announced a new tool that allow any company to upload bills of materials (BOMs) and see on a map where COVID-19 is having an impact on their supply chain. Company co-founder Matt Whitteker, says the Ottawa startup focuses on supply chain data management, which means it has the data and the tooling to develop a data-driven supply chain map based on WHO data identifying COVID hotspots. He believes that his is the only company to have done this.

Manufacturers who wish to participate simply go to the company website and fill out a form. A customer success employee walks manufacturers through the process of uploading data to the platform. Once they have the data, they generate a map showing the parts of the world where the supply chain is most likely to be disrupted, identifying the level of risk based on individual data.

The company captures supply chain data as part of the act of doing business with 1,000 customers and 500,000 suppliers currently on their platform. “When companies are manufacturing products, they have what’s called a bill of materials, kind of like a recipe. And companies upload their bill of materials that basically outlines all their parts, components and commodities, and who they get them from, which basically represents their supply chain,” Whitteker explained.

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