Innovated height adjustable exercise equipment helps shape glutes and maximize workout efficiency

Fort Lauderdale, FL – November 30, 2020 – Gyms are closed. Spin classes is cancelled, and your workout buddy is in isolation. Working out during the pandemic has been hard. Whether it’s dealing with only having a small space from which to workout, or not wanting to spend thousands on equipment, or simply getting bored by their workout routine, women are looking for a new way to keep the pandemic pounds at bay while still looking great in their leggings. One trainer has come up with a unique, lightweight and compact solution.

SQUAT | PERFECT, a set of patent-pending height-adjustable squat wedges was first conceived of by Dwayne Douglas, a Florida-based fitness entrepreneur and former studio gym owner of HUNGER 4 FITNESS in 2017. Douglas found many of his female clients struggled with maintaining an ideal form that would allow them to maximize the benefits of their workout. While most of his clients were eager to tone their glutes and legs, they were struggling with back strain and finding items to raise their heels comfortably when performing a squat, deadlift, or lunge.

“Most of my clients have one goal in mind, apart from wanting to be trim and healthy, they wanted to work on shaping and sculpting their glutes and legs in the most efficient and effective way possible,” explains Douglas. “I would be in the gym with my clients and we’d try to use a foam block, but they were clumsy or unstable. Instead of helping the workout, it would make the workout dangerous. We’d try towels but couldn’t get the angle right or get them high enough. We even tried weight plate, which often slide or left the arch of their feet unsupported. Nothing we tried was doing the job efficiently. I thought about the challenge for a few years and in 2019, I finally perfected SQUAT | PERFECT.”

SQUAT | PERFECT allows the user to maximize the benefits of squats with half the effort, while providing a total lower body transformation system that targets quads, glutes, and hamstrings during the workout. The wedges are made from high-quality rubber. The surface had a tread in order to offer maximum grip, high adherence and prevent slippage. The high-density rubber prevents compression under load, even when a working out with heavy weights. In fact, the wedges can withstand thousands of pounds without compressing. SQUAT | PERFECT is height adjustable from 30 mm to 60 mm, measures 9” long by 7” wide and weighs just under 2.9 pounds making it ultra portable.

SQUAT | PERFECT is the ultimate at-home workout system. The height-adjustable wedges are easy to use, take up little space and make a variety of positions and workouts more efficient, leading to faster and more dramatic results. Once gyms are open and group workout classes resume, simply pop the SQUAT | PERFECT height-adjustable wedges into a workout bag and bring the ultra-efficient system with you. Best of all, each purchase of SQUAT | PERFECT comes with the accompanying ultimate legs & glute guide, the ​​four-week ultimate lower body transformation program as well as a bonus athlete tank top.

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