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You’ve likely heard that no man is an island, which means that human beings are not meant to live without each other. From the time we’re born, the relationships we have give our lives meaning. Babies and children need healthy relationships with their parents and caregivers. As children grow, they rely on their parents in different ways, and learn how to get along with siblings and friends. Research even indicates that babies can die from a lack of affection and physical touch, even if all their other needs are being met.

As we grow and mature through life, our relationships can grow in number and complexity. At the start of life, our most important relationships are with our siblings, parents, and family members who serve as caretakers. Later in life, we have relationships with classmates, teachers and team members. We also form romantic relationships and have adult friendships, then we often move to relationships with our own spouses and children.

The quality and intensity of a relationship depends on the people who are a part of it. Since no two people feel the same way about everything, disagreements and conflicts are inevitable. It’s important to realize that conflict is a healthy part of relationships and shouldn’t be avoided. Rather, disagreements should be handled in a healthy and mature way.

The reason for conflicts in relationships depend on the type of relationship. For instance, children in elementary school are constantly in a power struggle with each as they’re learning to make friends and get used to daily routines. Teens often have conflicts with their parents regarding their independence as they get closer to adulthood. Married people often fight about money matters, sexual needs, and different parenting styles.

Basically, conflict occurs when two people have different opinions on a matter and both parties are convinced they are right. This can often cause a power struggle; both people are fighting to defend their viewpoint. In some cases, people can compromise, but this can sometimes lead to resentment, since both parties will come away from the conflict not completely getting what they want.

The counsellors and therapists at InnerSight Psychotherapy can assist you and your loved ones find the source of your relationship challenges. This helps you learn how to diffuse arguments without resentment or anger. You can learn the tools to handle your conflicts in a mature manner. Tools include learning how to clearly communicate without being confrontational, realizing one’s insecurities that may be rooted in fear, building trust, and nurturing connections.

InnerSight Psychotherapy is here to help you and your loved ones work through your issues to achieve the relationship you want. The counselling staff understands that every individual has different needs, which means that their relationships will need to meet different qualifications to be fulfilling. You’ll work through many issues during your session and may be assigned “homework” so you can put what you learned into practice. InnerSight Psychotherapy also provides virtual therapy sessions so you can receive the therapy you need without coming to the office. This is essential during these times and allows you to better your relationship without compromising your health during the pandemic. 

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