Initial success of INGO encourages Ingotech Marketing to reach for the next level

INGOTECH, a startup behind a biodegradable polymer with non-toxic polymer, has today announced they are looking for new angels and backers to expand their polymer start-up.

Tan and his team have until now been producing the pocket-sized, moldable plastic cards in a garage he shares with family and friends. With the current production size of only 10 boxes per day, he’s now setting his sights on a small shop lot with more space and safer working conditions. The move will increase the manufacturer’s efficiency and lower the time and cost of production. Ingotech predicts that they can increase production up to “…50 boxes per day.”

And with the new production in place his team will be able to, “…share INGO with everyone cheaply,” Nate Martin, the spokesperson of Ingotech.

Small enough to fit inside a wallet, INGO can be heated in a cup of boiling water until it becomes soft and then bent and pressed into almost any shape one would like. The card, which is available in 3 primary colors— namely Red, Yellow & Blue as well as black and white— can be combined to produce more colors.

Upon cooling INGO becomes as ‘strong as normal plastic’ and can be used to create quick and stable fixes for broken tools, toys, shelving hooks, kitchen drawers and a million and one others. Nate Martin is of the view, “It’s strong enough to make a basic wrench in an emergency.”

But the designer cares about the planet too and proclaims on his Indiegogo webpage, “INGO are a type of polymer that is stretch-based and totally non-toxic. We have been working closely with the molders, apart from a known chemical company, plus a host of reputed colorant suppliers to make sure our products are environment-friendly. To that end, by rejecting and restricting materials like universal pigments in our products, team INGO is out to lead by examples.”

Ingotech Spokesperson Nate Martin further adds, “INGO fits in your wallet as nicely as it fits in a cup, so you can take it and use it anywhere you can find hot water. It’s quick, clean, simple, instant and fun to use. You can also reshape INGO by simply melting it down, which is otherwise great for making different shape of toys as your kid grows up.”

The INGO team have worked hard for a swift mass production. They already have a simple mold they used to make the first samples and a molding company on standby, should interest in the campaign extension really take off. Now all they need is enough orders to justify changing up a gear and launching into full scale production.

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