Information of Self Cleaning and Drying Floor Washer

Sweeping robots are a popular smart cleaning tool in the new era. They have been widely circulated in China in the past two years and have been widely used by families with basic conditions. As an intelligent cleaning product, sweeping robots can reduce a lot of manual labor for us. It has an appointment cleaning mode, a restricted area, a fixed-point cleaning mode, etc., which greatly reduces the cleaning time of users. The feeling after using HK’s FW-2 floor vacuum cleaner.

Long battery life 6000mAh

With an ultra-long-lasting 6000mAh, it is suitable for long-term operation in a large space. Its working time is more than 50 minutes, so it can clean the stains of the whole room at one time, which is convenient and fast.


0 edge

When cleaning, people are most afraid that the fine seams will be difficult to clean, so we have developed the feature of “0 welt”, which makes this product more suitable for use in the kitchen, the corners of the wall, and ensure that all aspects are done during the cleaning process. Very detailed.


Upgrade the tank capacity

The 700ml clean water tank and the 1000ml sewage water tank further increase the practicability of the sweeper, save the time for users to change water, greatly improve the use efficiency, and make the scrubber more effective in mopping and scrubbing.

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