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Promoting a Healthy Diet with Vending Machines

The  health of young people  is at the center of numerous current debates, as more and more young people are obese, following an incorrect diet and developing problems related to food, such as anorexia, bulimia and being overweight.School has the task of educating young people and the ability to follow a healthy diet and choose the right foods and drinks is also a way to help them in life.

In the past, the vending machine was seen only as a source of sweet snacks and industrial products full of preservatives, rich in fats and additives and colorings. Today, checks and food choices are much more targeted and filling is carried out with a view to the person’s well-being and correct nourishment. In this way it is possible to take  healthier breaks  and this also applies to teachers, who are not always able or willing to bring food from home to satisfy their hunger.

Snack dispensers in school corridors

The  vending machines for snacks  are designed to best complete an area dedicated to breaks and conversation which, within the school, can be transformed into a space intended for conversation, where people leave their mobile phone behind and really talk.

The models that we supply at LE vending machine  are large in size and characterized by a transparent glass front, so people can see what they are purchasing inside.

The dispensing involves a spring system, which rotates slowly and allows the product to descend into the collection tray, so that it can be easily taken by pulling with the hand.Refrigeration is optimal and each product is  kept fresh  until it expires, so as to allow children to eat in a genuine and safe way.

The temperature usually lies in a range of 4-8 degrees, depending on the type of filling done inside.The suggestion is always to balance sweet and savory by choosing products free of additives, colorings and preservatives, which in the long run can be harmful to their health.

Within an educational institution where many people pass by, the suggestion is to also choose vegan and vegetarian products in compliance with the different diet from others, as well as gluten-free snacks for those who are allergic or intolerant.

The objective is to be able to include everything in this moment of pause and refreshment, which also implies communication and conversation between children from different sections, who in other contexts would never come into contact with each other.

Requesting a distributor of this kind can bring various benefits, but in any case they can request a no-obligation consultation, with a technician who will come directly to the institute and show people how the device works, finding the best loan formula for their needs and the model that best suits the type of break them want to promote.

Coffee vending machine

Vending  machines  dedicated to coffee are usually more suitable for teachers, even if some high school students regularly drink this drink.

These are models often capable of dispensing various types of hot drinks, such as tea or chocolate, which can be equally energizing for students and pleasant in certain periods of the year.These dispensers can be customized on the front and include a space dedicated to shot glasses and glasses of various sizes, so as to dispense  numerous drinks  without needing to be refilled too often.

The materials used are always very solid and the dimensions depend on the space available, with variants also suitable for small environments.

A dispenser of this kind can be placed in the break rooms of teachers and school staff, for a break that is also relaxing for the teachers.

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