Information About depalletizing robot unloading machine for bags

In order to improve efficiency, free up labor, reduce costs, and shorten production cycles, automatic unpacking machines depalletizing robot have been produced. They do not require manual operation and can realize automatic loading, automatic unpacking and unloading.

depalletizing robot

The automatic depalletizing and unpacking machine is composed of a depalletizing robot and an automatic unpacking machine. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high degree of automation, and labor saving. Because the operation is carried out in a closed container, it causes less pollution to the environment and is especially suitable for corrosive materials. Unpacking of materials. The depalletizing robot is a depalletizing equipment mainly responsible for handling. It has stable and high-speed depalletizing capabilities, which can quickly improve production efficiency and output, and at the same time reduce errors caused by manual handling. It can work all day long, saving a lot of manpower and other cost

unloading machine

The system automatic unpacking machine is suitable for powdery and granular materials above 10kg, with a high degree of automation; it can realize loading, bag breaking and bag removal in one, saving manual operations and thus saving costs; the sealed chassis and built-in dust removal equipment can also avoid dust exposure pollute.  The workflow of automatic depalletizing and unpacking machine is as belowing:

1. Manual operation uses a forklift to place a pallet of materials onto the pallet roller conveyor line. Each section has an in-position detection sensor. After detecting that the pallet material is in place, the conveyor stops on the line;

2. Use 3D vision to scan the middle position of the bagged materials, and the robot accurately grabs the bagged materials.

3. The bagged materials enter the unpacking machine, and after unpacking, the bags are placed in the designated location.

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