Industry-First: Arkpax Introduces Fully Submersible Solar Power Stations, Setting New Benchmarks in Durability

Industry-First: Arkpax Introduces Fully Submersible Solar Power Stations, Setting New Benchmarks in Durability

Arkpax, a trailblazer in the solar energy industry, is revolutionizing portable power solutions with the launch of the world’s first fully submersible solar generator series – a groundbreaking achievement that sets unprecedented new standards for durability and resilience.

Headlining this pioneering line is the flagship Ark 1800W model, boasting an astonishing ingress protection rating of IP67 that renders it impervious to dust and enables it to withstand immersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This cutting-edge waterproof capability is the result of Arkpax’s relentless innovation and proprietary engineering breakthroughs.

The Ark 1800W obliterates performance limitations that have historically hindered portable power for marine activities and off-grid living. With its rugged submersible design and unstoppable output, it stands proud as the ultimate energy freedom machine for those who refuse to let Mother Nature pump the brakes on their adventures.”

Beneath its surface, the Ark 1800W conceals a veritable powerhouse – a massive 1500 watt-hour lithium battery capacity complemented by a staggering 1800W pure sine wave AC output. This allows it to effortlessly run a multitude of high-demand devices and appliances simultaneously, from power tools to microwave ovens.

Nomadic lifestyles and marine exploration no longer need to compromise on accessibility with the Ark 1800W’s remarkable array of 11 output ports. Charge laptops, drones, fridges, and more, all from a single power hub. Integrated 500W solar charging inputs make harnessing renewable energy a breeze, while rapid 2-hour AC recharging ensures minimum downtime.

Arkpax’s proprietary BMS 35 battery management technology provides multi-layered safety protocols to safeguard both users and valuable equipment. As the industry’s first water-resistant solar generator with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, the Ark 1800W seamlessly transitions during outages without disruption.

For boating enthusiasts, offshore workers, sailors, anglers and anyone who refuses to let boundaries confine their passion for exploration and adventure, the Ark 1800W Solar Generator represents a new frontier in unstoppable, all-weather portable power. Arkpax is ensuring their customers can go further and stay out longer than ever before.

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